The Russian came from Egypt to the UAE and suddenly wanted to go back

A Russian came from Egypt to the UAE and suddenly wanted to go back

“Why is there such a difference, why one country is drowning in garbage, and another is chic. Both countries are built in the desert, and there and there the percentage of Arab residents is very high. Both Egypt and the Emirates practice Islam. Almost the same values, even the style of traditional clothing among the locals is the same. But the difference in life is simply colossal,” a Russian traveler said on the Yandex.Zen channel and spoke about two reasons why foreign tourists can be imprisoned in the UAE.

According to the blogger, the UAE has strict laws, so after getting acquainted with the laws of Abu Dhabi, he suddenly wanted to go back to Egypt, especially now, during the holy month of Ramadan – a period of complete refusal to eat during the day. If in Egypt the sacred holiday did not concern tourists, then in the UAE – on the contrary. “Do you know what is happening in the Emirates? In Abu Dhabi, you can’t eat on the street during the day, and if you are a tourist and you chew a sandwich in front of everyone around you, you will be jailed here for a month. Even taking into account that you are a stupid tourist! You can’t even chew gum during the day – can you imagine what the difference is ?! – the traveler was surprised and said that even if there are no people nearby, video cameras will record eating a sandwich, so vacationers have two options: either retire indoors or wait for the night. “There is no such thing in Egypt, no one cares what you eat in front of everyone during the holy Ramadan.”

However, travelers who find themselves in the UAE still have the opportunity to eat quietly during the day and “not annoy the local hungry” – go to a cafe. “We have 10 restaurants on the embankment, during the day they are filled with some Europeans, and at night only with sheikhs and local girls. This suggests that these locals fast during the day and eat at night,” the traveler shared.

Also, in Abu Dhabi, it is easy to end up behind bars for public displays of affection. Under the ban hugs and, of course, kisses in public places. “Leave everything family at home or in a hotel. Here, for a street kiss, a couple is sent to jail… These are the rules here, this is how the locals themselves live and demand respect for the local culture with such severe punishments, especially if you are a tourist and have just arrived,” he said.

< p> On reflection, the author noted that it was easier to be in “poor Egypt” and already want to return there. But not forever, but “to buy cheap bananas and falafel and eat them on the street.”

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