The Russian Embassy in Turkey made a statement for Russian tourists

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Turkey made a statement for Russian tourists

“Have enough currency with you for everyday spending”, since the work of banks with the Russian Mir system will have to be checked “experimentally ”, the Russian Embassy in Turkey advised Russian tourists. The statement was published on the official social networks of the embassy.

“We advise Russian tourists and those who are going to visit Turkey in general to have enough cash with them for everyday expenses,” the embassy said in a statement. It also states that in connection with numerous reports of problems with the maintenance of Russian Mir cards in some banking and commercial structures of Turkey, the embassy strongly recommends that Russian tourists – cardholders “continue to use them through the terminals of those banks that have not refused from interaction with the Russian payment system”. “Unfortunately, this will have to be established empirically,” the embassy added.

Recall that until September 10, the following “five” banks accepted Mir cards: Turkiye Is Bankasi, Ziraat Bankasi, VakifBank, DenizBank and Halkbank. Of these, at least DenizBank refused to accept Mir. Earlier, “TURPROM” wrote about how a tourist “experienced” checked how the “Mir” card works in Turkey and gave advice to tourists. Read the details in the article “There is only one bank left for the Mir cards in the most popular resort in Turkey: the Russian woman reported the real situation.”

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