The Russian revealed a way to have a luxurious vacation in the UAE with empty pockets and a blocked card

A Russian revealed a way to have a great vacation in the UAE with empty pockets and a blocked card

How not pay for luxury housing and get a gorgeous view from the window of the Persian Gulf? A non-standard way to relax without money in Abu Dhabi, the wealthy capital of the UAE, was shared by a Russian traveler on the Yandex.Zen channel.

According to the tourist, he and his companion “never in their lives” would have been able to afford the price tags for apartments that are displayed in online applications for booking accommodation, especially now, when their bank cards “fell under sanctions” and turned out to be blocked. However, young people found an extreme way out, how to afford a rich life, albeit temporary: tourists used an application to find accommodation in a foreign country. A couple of independent travelers were incredibly lucky: their request to “live” was answered by a local resident who has his own construction company and several properties in different parts of the hot capital. He kindly provided apartments in one of these houses to the Russians.

“He is a man with a big heart for allowing travelers to stay in one of his apartments for free. Yes, and here we live completely alone, completely free. Long live the rich life!” – the author exclaimed and added that such amenities are very rare for the average Russian.

“This is how our host (homeowner) lives: he lives in pleasure, and gives his guests the opportunity to feel happy. You don’t need to pay anything, just live as long as you want … ”, the young man was delighted.

Help: couchsurfing (from English couchsurfing) is a tourist phenomenon, an international hospitality system, as well as way to get a free overnight stay. The one who invites is called the host (host), the one who arrives is the guest (guest) or couchsurfer (couchsurfer). Travelers should keep in mind that each country and each person has their own ideas about comfort and welcoming guests.

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