The Russian woman began to look for tickets to Turkey and was very surprised

The Russian woman started looking for tickets to Turkey and was very surprised

A flight from Antalya to Moscow will cost tourists very cheaply – only 3'500 rubles. True, those who flew away not by the beginning of the long weekend, but a week earlier, will feel the benefit and satisfaction. I managed to fully relax, since the price of an air ticket from the Russian capital to a Turkish resort in the coming dates will cost 10 times more, the traveler said. She shared the results of her search for air tickets on the Yandex.Zen channel.

According to the observation of the tourist, a paradoxical situation has developed: Turkey is so popular with our compatriots for the May holidays that very cheap tickets for regular and charter flights to Moscow with a departure on May 4 and beyond suddenly appeared. As the traveler explained, since the bulk of the tourist mass of tourists will flood back home on May 9-10, and there are many flights for tourists, intermediate windows with an incredibly low price tag for the flight were formed.

So, a flight on May 4 by a Pegas Fly charter at 07:00 in the morning from Antalya to Sheremetyevo cost 3,564 rubles, and by a Red Wings charter at about the same time, at 06:55 in the morning, from Antalya to Zhukovsky airport – 3,882 rubles. “Similar prices – for the next five days. For example, on May 5 by Azur Air charter at 15:05 from Antalya to Vnukovo. Or charter Corendon Airlines at 21:20 at Sheremetyevo,” the Russian woman noted.

The prices for a flight to the main resort center of Turkey on May 3-4 are as follows: the cheapest ticket for May 4 is 35,530 rubles for Red Wings charter from Domodedovo to Antalya. “On May 8, the most economical one is 21,370 rubles, Azur Air flies from Vnukovo,” the traveler specified.

“Yesterday morning there were no such prices! But something went wrong… apparently, there are too many carriers, and few passengers… Russians will fly home en masse on May 9-10, where prices are 10-15 times more expensive for a ticket home,” she added.< /p>

In other words, flying to the Mediterranean in the coming dates is ten times more expensive than returning from there. Another thing is the period after the May holidays, the middle of the month. This is the time when a large number of Russians have already gone to rest in Turkey, which means that “not only tickets, but also ready-made tours can burn up!”

“After the May holidays, prices for flights from Moscow to Antalya in around 14'086 rubles, the beloved Aeroflot is ahead of the planet, Red Wings is a little more expensive – 14'530 rubles … Do not rush to take (vouchers, air tickets) if your vacation falls after May and mid-May … Suddenly you're lucky ? – the tourist advised.

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