The Russian woman compared the month of life in Antalya and was very surprised by the current reality

A Russian woman compared a month of living in Antalya and was very surprised by the current reality

Life in Turkey has become very expensive. At the current exchange rate of the ruble, living in the republic for a month for a couple of ordinary tourists who did not eat “new-fangled” foods and did not go to cafes/restaurants will cost noticeably more than 100,000 rubles – this is three times more expensive than last year. A tourist who spent the winter in Thailand, and now arrived in the coastal city of Alanya, was very surprised by the current reality and told on the Yandex.Zen channel what Russians do everyday spending there.

According to the author, “even last year this amount was ridiculous” (33,000 for two), but the current year, which began with various kinds of crises, cannot please with a low level of spending. Tourists and locals spend much more on ordinary purchases. The girl noted that the calculations included the cost of rent, utilities, food, household items and public transport.


As for housing rent, it is now a significant item of expenditure. If earlier, without fuss and problems, Russian tourists rented an apartment by the sea for 350-400 euros (40-46 thousand rubles) per month, but now there is no budget housing. Due to the flow of Russian and Ukrainian migrants, the demand for cheap and high-quality housing has jumped, as well as the demand for obtaining a residence permit, which requires a six-month lease agreement.

In recent months, the peak of demand for housing came at the moment when the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine began. “In February and March, the demand for such housing increased by 300%. Now there are almost no owners left on the coast who are ready to rent an apartment for six months. Everything is busy!” – the traveler exclaimed.

Now the minimum price tag for rental property starts from 700-900 euros (80-103 thousand rubles). And it's for spring! Do you think no one will rent a house in Turkey for that kind of money? This is not true. Apartments priced up to 1,000 euros per month are selling at a fantastic rate,” she added.

Since the girl agreed to rent housing before high-profile events, reducing the flight program and the influx of migrant tourists, she was able to rent an apartment at the old prices – 500 euros (58 thousand rubles) per month.

Utilities and household trifles

The energy crisis has also affected Turkey. This year, the cost of electricity has grown significantly, the author noted.

“The highest bills should be expected in winter, when appliances are used for heating. And in the summer, when you need air conditioning every day,” the tourist clarified.

The estimated costs for the girl and her friends are as follows:

  • Electricity: light, air conditioning for heating as needed. Without austerity, the costs are 100-150 euros (11-17 thousand rubles), while some tourists “burn” energy for 200-300 euros (23-34 thousand rubles).
  • Water . Tariffs have risen, but not to critical levels. On average, expenses are 5-7 euros (600-800 rubles) per month.
  • Internet. If it is not included in the rental price, then it is paid separately. Usually it is 4-7 euros (450-800 rubles).


The girl indicated spending on food without taking into account visits to restaurants and other catering establishments. “We spend about 200 euros (23,000 rubles) a month in Turkey,” she calculated.

Since tap water is not suitable for drinking in Turkey, water is bought. One bottle with a capacity of 19 liters costs about 1.5 euros (172 rubles). A couple drinks 4-5 drinks a month for two, which, translated into financial language, is approximately 7 euros (800 rubles).

Vegetables and fruits tourists – in the markets. A standard set of potatoes, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, oranges, apples and other products costs them 5-7 euros per week, and from 20 euros per month (2'300 rubles).

The rest of the food the couple buys in regular stores. “Dairy products, cereals, meat, frozen foods, canned food like corn or tuna, eggs, sweets for tea, etc. We don't skimp on food. But we don’t like expensive newfangled products like chia seeds and gluten-free baked goods, ”the author said.

Public transport and gasoline

Compared to last year's figures, public transport has risen in price by about 1.5 times. The main pain of the Turks is the price of gasoline, the price of which has tripled since 2021. Now the cost of fuel for one liter is approximately 1.5 euros (172 rubles).

Summing up, the tourist concluded that the main monthly expenses in Turkey are 850 euros (100 thousand rubles). However, if you take into account rising rental rates, the desire to buy clothes, go to a cafe and go on an excursion, the price tag will grow even more.

We add that the updated price tag for life does not bother middle-class Russians: they willingly Turkish land and rent/buy real estate there. Details in the article “The migration of Russians to Antalya has taken on an avalanche character: there is not enough housing, the streets of the resort are full of cars with Russian numbers.”

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