The Russian woman decided to find out how Russians are now treated in the UAE and was surprised

The Russian woman decided to find out how Russians are now treated in the UAE and was surprised

channel “Yandex.Zen”, speaking about the behavior of our compatriots in the UAE on vacation. However, at present, the Arab country is well received by “our” travelers.

According to the author, “Dubai and the Russians have long been inseparable friends.” “Our pop stars, artists, many tourists from Russia have a strong love for the Emirates. People come here to “shop”, buy phones, watches, clothes with a branded tag. Dubai is the 'best supermarket' in the world for us,” she said.

However, there is a flip side to the coin. As the blogger noted, Russian tourists are “unexemplary people.” The reason is that the Russians allegedly take home hygiene items, which cannot be done. We are talking about towels that are freely available on beaches and city toilets.

In addition, the author noted that our tourists are not embarrassed by the general sobriety in the Emirates, but on the contrary, they go to bars and shops for alcohol. “This is where the Russian elite show their true colors. Brawls, loud speeches, fights – well, you yourself know the consequences of drunk people. Now I know that in Egypt, in Dubai, Russians are known as very drunk people. Why “very” – yes, because in these countries the locals do not drink alcohol at all, and against their background, we are very dependent on alcoholic beverages, including women,” the tourist explained. At the same time, there are many Russians living on the PZhM in the UAE, they are not embarrassed by the high cost of living, since a highly qualified specialist will definitely find a place there with a decent salary.

“However, in terms of attitude, we are treated well in Dubai. Here I saw with my own eyes how many Russians are happy to move to the UAE for permanent residence and continue to do so. And they are not at all embarrassed that the country is expensive. Russians like the local flavor, traditions, they feel safe, unlike life in their homeland. The Russians say that it is too good, calm and safe here, and the attitude towards our people has not changed yet,” the author concluded.

On the other hand, in the comments to the post, those who are not indifferent criticized the tourist, accusing her of “blatant denigration of people on a national basis” and the unreliability of information about cases of theft: “where does the information come from that it is Russians who steal towels, and not, say, Koreans, Indians, Lebanese or the Finns?”

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “a Russian told how he pulled his money out of a Russian bank card in Dubai.”

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