The Russian woman named the most accessible country for Russian tourists at sea abroad in the summer of 2022

A Russian woman named the most accessible country for Russian tourists at sea abroad in the summer of 2022

Russian traveler with she analyzed the current situation in the world with experience and stated that there were very few destinations left for tourists for the current beach season, therefore, at the word “Abkhazia”, she advised not to roll her eyes, but to really consider this country as an option for recreation. On the Yandex.Zen channel, she listed seven reasons why Abkhazia will be the most accessible destination in the 2022 season.

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“Almost all foreign countries are closed, it is difficult to get into “friendly” countries from for reducing the flight program, Russian bank cards almost do not work anywhere,” the girl wrote.

A chicken is not a bird, Abkhazia is not a foreign country

Despite the fact that Abkhazia does not belong to Russia, however, Russians are not required to have a passport at the border of a friendly country. There are several ways to get to the checkpoint: firstly, fly to Sochi and get from there by minibus or taxi; secondly, rent a car and drive “on your own”.

The ability to pay in rubles

The conversion of rubles into the national currency of a number of countries in the spring of 2022 is a pain for many tourists. Traveling abroad has become very expensive. And you can go on vacation to the resorts of Abkhazia with cash rubles and a Mir card, because the Russian currency is readily accepted in the republic.

“That is, in other countries, because of the terrible exchange rate for us in 2022, everyone prices have risen a lot, but in Abkhazia prices have remained the same,” the tourist explained.

You can book accommodation yourself

Instead of the Booking booking services lost due to sanctions and AirBnb by Russians, the author proposed a domestic platform for selecting options for short-term rentals – “Daily”.

Hotel base

Among the hotels in Abkhazia there are not only “soviet-type” boarding houses, but also quite modern ones that are able to compete with Turkish ones in terms of “stuffing”. At the same time, the cost of living in such stylish tourist facilities located in close proximity to the beach will not hit your wallet hard. As the blogger noted, in other countries, holidays in such hotels would cost an order of magnitude more expensive.

Delicious cuisine

Against the background of Sochi and Georgia, Abkhazia seems to be very budget-friendly, especially in catering. At the same time, in the mountainous republic there are many Caucasian and Georgian dishes familiar to Russians: khinkali, khachapuri, lobio, chicken satsivi, etc.


First of all, you should not go to Abkhazia for sightseeing. “There are few interesting things at local resorts. You have to go to Abkhazia for the sake of nature. You are definitely here if you like to breathe sea air, admire the clearest sky and mighty rocks, catch coolness in the spray of waterfalls, walk in coniferous forests. And the most beautiful thing in Abkhazia is Lake Ritsa,” the traveler shared.

The breadth of the soul of the locals

In the light of the rising degree of Russophobic sentiment in a number of countries of the world, it remained friendly and a hospitable country that is ready to receive Russian tourists in a way that real Caucasian hospitality allows.

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