The Russian woman spoke about the real situation in Slovenia and about the attitude towards the Russians after February 24

A Russian woman spoke about the real situation in Slovenia and about the attitude towards Russians after February 24

In Slovenia, despite the fact that a small European country joined the anti-Russian sanctions in the forefront, a tolerant attitude towards Russians remains. This was assured by a travel blogger on her Yandex.Zen channel, referring to “her friend Juliana”, who “lives with her husband and children in Slovenia, left recently when the pandemic began in 2020.”

“The first thing Yuliana noted is the excessive interest that foreigners show towards Russians,” the blogger assured. According to her friend: “Excessive interest, which was not there before, is now striking: as soon as we speak Russian, strangers immediately come up to us and ask how we are doing, they are interested in the reasons why we left Russia” . Moreover, a friend assures that “Slovenes immediately offer help.” “Belarusians, Italians and Germans live in Ljubljana – everyone has a positive attitude towards Russia and Russians, separates politicians from ordinary citizens,” a friend assures and adds that “I have never met a resident who would be negative and express himself against the Russian people.”

“I have never encountered negativity, anger or hatred towards the Russians, we, like any other visitors, are both welcome and not welcome at the same time. It is clear, after all, if you come as a tourist, you intend to spend money, that is, you replenish the state treasury. If you come to work, then you create competition, but there is no pronounced negative here either, everyone is kind, ”the blogger’s girlfriend assures. She also adds that the “only negative nuance” that Yuliana had heard a glimpse of, but had not personally seen, was the advertisements for rental housing, where preference is given to EU citizens, with a note that the apartment is not rented to Russians/Ukrainians and Belarusians.

“My friends think it doesn't matter what country you live in. The main thing is to always remain human, appreciate what you have and be tolerant of each other, be able to accept any point of view,” the blogger sums up.

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