The Russian woman suddenly realized that Sharm el-Sheikh for the locals is a “brothel with Russian tourists”

“Sharm el-Sheikh for the local Egyptians is a real “sin city” or in other words – a brothel, with our uninhibited beauties,” said a Russian tourist after living in a popular Egyptian resort for three months. She spoke about the reasons for such an unexpected conclusion on the Yandex.Zen channel.

According to the traveler, local men take advantage of the fact that exotics from Russia come to the resorts, with whom they can “play” in love. “And the Egyptians know how to fall in love with themselves. Every second man comes to Sharm el-Sheikh to look for a “Russian” victim,” she warned.

In this regard, the girl warned her compatriots against visiting Egypt alone: ​​“Otherwise, you will tear off the peasants like burdocks. They are persistent, annoying, do not hesitate to give compliments, and also boldly show their feelings.

Under the pretext of earning money, Egyptians from all over the country come to the Red Sea resorts: they stay at home to wait for their wives and children. However, in reality, they are having holiday romances with Russian and naive girls. “Sharm el-Sheikh is pure fun… Our beauties, in their opinion, are affordable and not serious… Local men will do everything to get attention, because that’s what they came here for,” concluded the tourist.

< p> On the other hand, Russians themselves are not against increased attention, the blogger noted. And the combination of a skillful pickup truck and a colorful appearance make the Egyptians attractive to travelers from Russia.

In addition, the author noted that when she saw the famous Shar el-Sheikh for the first time, she was not happy because of the cynical attitude of the locals, who trying to “rip off” the maximum amount from each traveler.

“For example, they began to demand money from me in the toilet right at the airport, although I know that it is free. Or, another example, I was never able to get to the beach in Sharm: the Egyptians closed all the passages to the sea, and in order to get to the water, you need to pay. The price is always different, depending on how you look. Some Russians are offered to pay a couple of dollars, and some are asked for $7-$10,” she was indignant.

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