The Russian woman told what is really happening in Hurghada a month after February 24 and what we need to prepare for

The Russian woman told what is really happening in Hurghada a month after February 24 and why gotta get ready

Egypt has changed after the turning point on February 24: Russian tourists are looking for a replacement, the national currency has staggered, which has become one of the reasons for the rise in prices, the demand for real estate by the sea has grown, and “Ukrainian emigrants are slowly settling in Hurghada”, allowing themselves some attacks on the Russians and ” other petty emotional nonsense.” At the same time, the husbands of Ukrainian women can cause a separate problem. The Russian woman spoke about the situation in the resort town of Hurghada on the Yandex.Zen channel.

There are few Russian tourists

According to our compatriot, the shortage of Russian tourist traffic is noticeable in empty hotels, especially those that were focused on “our” vacationers: “The occupancy there is barely 20%, employees are afraid of their re-closure. Having slightly perked up after the return of Russian tourists, Egypt has again returned to its problems and is looking for temporary options to replace tourists from Russia!” And there are few options: Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France and the USA – the Egyptian authorities have launched advertising campaigns for these markets, so in the spring and summer, non-Russians will be expected in the country of the pyramids.

Egypt lives its usual life

In Egypt, Ramadan, an important religious holiday for the Egyptians, will soon begin, which will last a month (April 2 – May 2). As the Russian woman noted, the locals are preparing for the whole of March: they are trying to stock up on food so as not to be distracted during the Holy Month. Supermarket owners are counting on this, jacking up prices for popular items. However, there is an alternative – markets with socially significant goods at low prices.

“At the state level, they introduced strict control over price increases in stores and fixed prices for bread. There was no panic in supermarkets. The Egyptians themselves believe that a slight increase in prices was to be expected, since in Egypt the prices for gasoline and electricity are steadily rising every 4 months. They even joke that if today the Egyptian football team wins against Senegal at the 2022 World Cup – Africa, then by morning something will rise in price again, because everyone will be in a good mood and no one will attach any importance to this, ”the author reassured the tourists.

The life of the Egyptians flows as usual, everyone is preparing for an important month and is focused on their worries. “During Ramadan, people kind of come together as one. They spend a lot of time with their families, they pray a lot. This month fills everyone with peace and love. The Egyptians have no doubt that by turning to God in the holy month, Muslims around the world will be able to influence the situation and everything will be fine, ”the blogger said and added that in parallel, the locals are preparing for the beach season, which will begin next month.

The real estate market has revived

However, it is impossible not to note other changes that occur against the backdrop of the general joy of the Egyptians from the upcoming great holiday. For example, after the start of Russia's special operation in Ukraine, the demand for real estate in popular tourist cities has skyrocketed.

“In Egypt, they predict an increase in demand for real estate in resort towns. I noticed that the construction has revived a little,” the Russian woman said.

Attitude towards Russians

Egyptians are tolerant of our compatriots: “Attitude towards Russia and Russians in Egypt hasn't changed. Russia has always been and will be a big brother. And then they remember what help she provided in the old days and appreciate it. There are exceptions, for example, the husbands of Ukrainian women, but these are trifles.”

However, it does not do without emotional “outbursts” and skirmishes between Russians and Ukrainians in groups and communities of social networks. However, a month later, there were noticeably fewer of them.

“Probably, they have already understood the meaning of a quote from a book on cybersecurity: “Never post on social networks what you don’t want to hear later from the mouth of the prosecutor,” – the author suggested.

Threats and complaints have also decreased: “Maximum – “manicurists” from Ukraine do not take Russian women on their “nails”, and in groups they change their names to “Ukrainian Hurghada”, they do not allow Russians to post ads and other petty emotional nonsense. Although the Russian diaspora in Hurghada was very friendly to them from the very beginning and tried to help.”

By the way, the “polar” opinion is shared by another Russian woman who is stuck in the country of the pyramids without money and sees resort Egypt from the other side . Read the details in the article “A Russian woman told how Egypt “spoiled” the lives of Russian tourists after February 24.”

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