The Russians are off the chain – they are buying everything: a Russian tourist was shocked in Dubai

Russians are off the hook - buying everything: a Russian tourist was shocked in Dubai

“Watches, gold, telephones, jewelry, clothes from world brands, the Russians have gone off the chain – they are buying everything. Well, whoever is richer buys real estate here, ”this is how an active traveler, who has been in Abu Dhabi for the past few weeks, described the behavior of Russian tourists in the UAE in a post on the Yandex.Zen channel.

According to the Russian woman, our fellow citizens have always had love for the Emirates. Today, there are more and more ordinary tourists and celebrities in the UAE: singers, bloggers and businessmen.

Russians purposefully go to Dubai for shopping, where they can save money. They go for clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, appliances, medicines and medical consultations. As the traveler noted, in Moscow now everything is much more expensive, and luxury brands have completely closed.

Our compatriots do not stop at small goods and, in the context of anti-Russian sanctions, are transporting cars from the UAE, despite the fact that transportation to Russia is expensive.

“Why not – there will be more choice today than in Russia. Moreover, so far, apart from the domestic Lada and Niva, nothing imported “shines” for us in Russian car dealerships. And in Dubai, you know, the entire global car market has long been concentrated … If there is money, there will be an imported car,” she wrote.

“Watches, gold, phones, jewelry, clothes from world brands, Russians like they broke the chain – they buy everything. Well, who is richer, he buys real estate here. There are a lot of different Russian-speaking real estate companies. This suggests that Russians are wealthy people, since they can afford a vacation by the Persian Gulf, buying a car, or even an apartment in Dubai. I walk down the street or pass street restaurants and everywhere I hear my native speech. Well done Russians, do not despair!” – the blogger concluded.

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