The Russians told what it's like to be homeless with blocked cards in the UAE

Russians told what it's like to be homeless with blocked cards in the UAE

“We don't go to restaurants,” said a Russian traveler who, along with her boyfriend, is in one of the most expensive countries world within the framework of homeless tourism. On the Yandex.Zen channel, she told in detail what they have to eat in Abu Dhabi with no money and a limited supply of food.

“Our bank cards are still blocked, and no one knows how long this will continue. Many Russians are now abroad, and they are faced with the same problems. The feeling that our hands were tied, because we cannot afford to buy anything with the money we earn. Imagine you went to a resort, but lost money, no card or wallet in your hands! What would you do, what would you do?!” the tourist complained.

As part of an extreme journey, the Russian couple relied on the kindness of the locals in the Arab capital, one of whom sheltered them and now periodically feeds them. For the rest, the Russians decided to cook on their own and “stretch” their provisions as much as possible. Tourists did not want to spend money even on the necessary kitchen knife and used a plastic one for a week, until the owner of the apartment took pity on them again. Of the kitchen utensils, there is only a frying pan, an electric kettle and disposable tableware.

According to travelers, their bank cards are still blocked and, apparently, they are in no hurry to resolve this issue. Instead, they brew coffee in an electric kettle and practically weigh their food so they don't overeat.

“In general, breakfast starts with coffee and has to be prepared in an electric kettle. There is no other choice, and the coffee is very decent. We start cooking toasts with sour cream and tomatoes. For dessert, we cut different fruits, “burst” cookies “Maria”. And it seems that we eat well like that!”, – shared the Russian woman.
Lunch consists of fried potatoes, boiled pasta or rice with chicken and cheese, which the landlord bought them. For dinner, Russians eat granola with milk. Its quantity is strictly regulated – you can not eat more than 60 grams, because. jars should be enough for the longest possible time.

“Everything suits us, the products are very tasty, simple“ sandwiches ”with sour cream turned out to be delicious here. Fruits, biscuits, tea with honey – this is our home menu, we practically also eat at home, only at home we can afford to make larger portions. And here a small frying pan is designed for only one. But most of all it's about small stocks of products – there are not many of them. Here we are stretching! – the author summed up.

However, commentators do not share this style of travel and call tourists nothing more than “parasites” who live at someone else's expense, while they themselves save money.

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