The Russians took 3rd place in Sri Lanka in March amid a special operation and sanctions

The Russians took 3rd place in Sri Lanka in March against the backdrop of a special operation and sanctions

95.377 tourists visited Sri Lanka in March amid the events around Ukraine and anti-Russian sanctions, of which 8.537 thousand arrived in the island republic from Russia. Thus, our compatriots confidently entered the top three in terms of tourist flow to the paradise island. Such data was published by the tourist authorities of Sri Lanka. A record number of Russians became possible while Srilankan Airlines, the Srilankan national carrier, flew there. And, apparently, these are not tourists, but Russians who have fled the country – “remote workers”, IT-silencers. Now flights have been canceled and the Russian tourist flow has been reset.

According to the report, Indians were the most numerous in terms of the number of tourists visiting Sri Lanka in March – 20,965 people, travelers from the UK came second – 10,553 people, and Russians – 8,537 people – third. According to the Tourism Development Authority, in just three months from the beginning of 2022, 274,211 tourists visited the republic.

Compared to the same period last year, the tourist flow to the republic increased significantly: a year ago, only Sri Lanka was visited by 1.7 thousand foreign tourists. The authorities of the island have approved seven foreign vaccines against coronavirus, including the Russian Sputnik V.

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