The Russians were given terrible forecasts for the cost of air tickets within the Russian Federation

The Russians were given terrible forecasts for the cost of air tickets within the Russian Federation

The reduction in the number of airlines flying from Russia to abroad has led to a sharp increase in prices for flights. At the same time, regarding the cost of tickets within the country, analysts' estimates are also disappointing and even frightening – the Turkish media quoted the forecasts of Russian experts.

In a published analysis, VTB Capital gave a terrible forecast: in 2022, the cost of domestic air tickets will increase by 1.5 times – this is immediately plus 50% to last year's price tags. Accordingly, the average ticket price will increase from 9,000 rubles to 14,000 rubles.

Transport Minister Vitaly Savelyev agreed with this vision of the situation and said that airfare prices would rise, but did not announce the rate. According to the authors of the monitoring, the overall growth hides an increase in fuel costs, which makes up 1/3 of the costs of airlines, and leasing.

“The weakening of the ruble will increase the price of leasing by 1.5 times – this is another 1/3 of all expenses, because most of the aircraft are leased abroad,” the analysts noted.

However, there is also an optimistic view of air tourism. According to experts quoted by the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, airfare will not increase. A large number of planes, previously occupied by international flights, and now curtailed, have been pulled into a hangar, and these planes can be used for flights within the country. The authors also noted that as of March, the cost of domestic tickets was lower compared to the same period last year.

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