The Russians were told how houses and apartments in the resorts of Turkey differ from Russian ones

The Russians were told how houses and apartments in Turkish resorts differ from Russian ones

Houses and apartments in Turkey are strikingly different from Russian ones. So, in cities there is absolutely no dilapidated housing, and modern residential complexes, even the most budget ones, are necessarily built with hotel infrastructure. Prices are affordable, so the Turkish middle class can afford an apartment by the sea. This is the reality in the resort villages and cities of the country. Ten differences between Turkish housing and Russian housing, using the example of Alanya, were named by a domestic traveler on the Yandex.Zen channel.

According to her, there are no dilapidated residential buildings in the city. The exception is historical monuments of architecture, which are prohibited from being rebuilt. “Turkey has a renovation program. This is especially noticeable in resort towns. Houses over the age of 30 are being demolished, and complexes with hotel infrastructure are being built in their place,” the girl explained.

Projects of modern houses are always equipped with a swimming pool, a gym, a hammam and barbecue gazebos in the garden. All the benefits can be enjoyed without additional costs, since they are included in communal services (in Turkish – aydat), the average cost of which is comparable to the cost of Russians for maintenance of apartments (2'700-4'500 rubles).

In Turkish apartments do not have central heating. In the southern provinces of the country, which Russians love, beyond the sea and a warm climate, the air temperature usually does not fall below +10°C and mostly stays at around +17°C.

“If the apartment is located on the sunny side, you can do without heating all winter. They are heated in Alanya most often with air conditioners or they install warm floors at home,” the blogger said.

When buying an apartment has its own characteristics. So, in Turkey there is no concept of “rough finish”. “The floor is always tiled or laminated, the plumbing is complete, the walls are leveled and painted, the kitchen has a set without appliances. All this is already included in the initial cost of the apartment,” the traveler added.

In addition, the layout of the apartments also differs from those familiar to Russians. For example, there are no hallways in residential premises. However, there are large and functional balconies. 2- and 3-room apartments are equipped with two or three bathrooms.

One more point should be taken into account: the calculation of the area of ​​​​the apartment is made taking into account balconies, since they are usually estimated by the Turks as an additional room.


“Residents of Turkey consider the balcony an important part of the apartment. No one stores unnecessary things here. On the balconies, they often organize a recreation area with a table, chairs, even a swing. Therefore, developers provide for the presence of faucets and drains on the balconies. Housewives often do “rough” work for cooking here: they clean and wash vegetables or even pots,” she said.

For some time now, the so-called studio apartments have ceased to be built in the republic, since, according to the Turks, they are not suitable for living. Taking into account the change, the minimum size of an apartment should be 28 sq.m – the “1 + 1” format.

As for the designation of apartments, they also differ from what we are used to. So, Russian one-room apartments will be called “1 + 1” in Turkey, and “kopeck piece” – “2 + 1”, where the first digit is the number of bedrooms, and the second is the living room, which is usually combined with the kitchen.

“And two-level apartments, which are called “duplexes”, are also popular here. It is curious that the entrance to them can be both at the lower and upper levels,” the tourist specified.

Summarizing, the girl noted that buying a home in Turkey is a simple matter, because. for this, it is not necessary to be present in person, you only need a passport, a down payment and an electronic signature: “However, when registering property (TAPU and Iskan), an act of state examination is drawn up. The specialist conducts it in the interests of the buyer and confirms the real market value of the object.”

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