The Russians were told how to emigrate to Thailand with pet cats and dogs

Russians were told how to emigrate to Thailand with pet cats and dogs

Moving with pets to Thailand is a quest that can be completed by a persistent and caring tourist. The Russian traveler went through all the steps necessary to take three cats out of Russia and shared the instructions with her compatriots on the Yandex.Zen channel.

“We arrived in December with three cats, traveled for 10 days: we lost tickets (business class, for a minute) because the Thais did not get permission to import animals on time, we bought new tickets (economy) for big money, because December and departure through 3 days, did not fly again, changed tickets, because certificate number 5 from the veterinary control was expired, and we found out about it 2 hours before departure, and we had to go to the clinic due to traffic jam 9 points, we just missed the plane by 2 minutes , flew away from the third time. This is in a nutshell. And so, the story is very long and costly. But the desire and the four-year journey to Thailand are nothing compared to a 10-day marathon,” she said.

Actually, the instructions for registering pets for export to Thailand using the example of cats are as follows:

  1. Animals must have a chip, which must be given before the last rabies vaccination. “If the chip was installed later, then you need to vaccinate against rabies again,” the tourist specified.
  2. Vaccination against rabies must be done at least 21 days before entering Thailand.
  3. Submit an application for a permit to import an animal to the veterinary control of Suvarnabhumi Airport. Their email is Scans of the animal's passport must be attached to the letter, more precisely, pages with records and a photograph, as well as clear pictures of the pet's muzzle. In addition, a scan of the animal's owner's passport is required.
  4. 5 days before departure, the tourist should apply to the local state veterinary clinic for a certificate in the form F1. At the clinic, the animals will be given antiparasitic drugs and an entry in the veterinary passport will be made.
  5. At the point of departure, you should visit a specialist from the veterinary control to obtain a certificate of animal health. Instead, they will ask for a certificate in the form F1.
  6. Together with pets, you must take a printed permit for the import of animals into the kingdom.

Instructions for emigrating to Thailand with dogs differ only in that the passport must contain a mark on vaccination against leptospirosis. If you do not want to be vaccinated, you can enter with a certificate stating that the dog does not suffer from leptospirosis. It is issued on the basis of the submitted analysis, its expiration date is 30 days.

Russian travelers should also note that Thailand has not yet waived the mandatory quarantine upon arrival until the PCR results are received (depends on the entry scheme). This means that you need to find out when booking a hotel whether the administration allows pets.

Another obstacle to cohabitation of tourists and their animals is hidden in rented houses and apartments in Thailand. Not all owners accept tourists with smaller brothers. Prohibited items include dogs, cats and cats. “Therefore, finding a property where you can live with pets is difficult. Most often, they choose private houses outside the city,” the tourist added and said that sometimes there are exceptions and a house can be found even in the center of the resort towns of the country.

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