The Russians were told how to exchange rubles for Egyptian pounds in Egypt

The Russians were told how to exchange rubles for Egyptian pounds in Egypt

“Welcome to the black market. Abroad, bank cards have not been working for a month now, everyone is getting out as best they can, ”the Russian woman began her story on the Yandex.Zen channel and told the scheme of how to exchange domestic rubles for Egyptian pounds in the land of pyramids.

Currently, the rate pleases Russians who need the Egyptian currency. “The ruble has strengthened, and the pound has weakened against the dollar, so the official exchange rate is now even more profitable than before the start of all events. True, the question remains open where you can sell at this very rate. Some happily exchanged 12 a month ago, and here you have 4.41,” the blogger added.


“At the official rate in the district You can’t buy 75 dollars in cash in Russia, but you can buy it through a broker, but already for 85. One way or another, the locals know where you can change it. It is enough to throw a cry on Facebook – and then how will you agree. Some even have their own, proven people. It is more difficult for tourists – they are not local people, they don’t know much, ”she explained.

According to the author, in this case, guides come to the aid of the Russians, who pass on the contacts of the “changers”. Their course is individual and depends on how to agree and how the guide will be located to the tourist. “They can easily offer to buy a dollar at 200 (roubles),” the author stunned the travelers.

Cards of the Chinese payment system Union Pay

“True, there are also there are some “troubles”, but in some cases they can help out,” she warned.

In order not to be in contact with cash and not to look for ways of profitable currency exchange at Egyptian resorts, the Russian woman advised tourists to consider buying excursions in advance, i.e. even before departure: “Many tour operators got confused and started adding this option to their booking programs. Some managed to somehow arrange payment on the spot by transfer through Sberbank – after all, online transfers work. ”

However, for a visa, at least in Hurghada, you still have to allocate $ 25 in cash – such is the cost of a visa. But you can fly to Sharm el-Sheikh for up to 15 days using the so-called Sinai stamp, so there is no payment.

In the meantime, the Russian side is negotiating with the Egyptian side to connect the national payment system of the Mir card. Recall that now it works only in some countries: Armenia, Belarus, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Abkhazia, South Ossetia.

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