The Russians were told how to get into the countries of Europe closed to Russia

The Russians were told how to get into the European countries closed to Russia

“The fact that the airspace of many countries is closed does not mean at all that they cannot be entered”, – with such an optimistic statement, the tourist channel in Yandex.Zen delighted Russian travelers. Some of them, even under record sanctions, continue to issue Schengen visas to our compatriots. Let's consider under what conditions and which European countries are ready to receive Russians.

It is clarified that you can get to European countries both by air, using a transfer in countries open to the Russian Federation, and by land. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that a number of countries have retained entry restrictions, so a good reason is needed to cross their borders. For example, in the context of a coronavirus pandemic, a vaccination certificate with a note that a foreign drug has been vaccinated may be required.

We list European countries closed to Russia that can be reached under sanctions:

  1. Austria – you need a certificate of vaccination with a drug approved in Europe.
  2. Hungary – they issue visas for travel dates.
  3. Greece – visas are issued for different periods: “someone for six months – a year and more, and some get on the unlucky list and get only on travel dates.”
  4. Iceland
  5. Spain – requires vaccine approved in Europe and possession of previously issued Schengen visas .
  6. Italy – issues tourist visas from March 1 for a period of six months to three years.
  7. Slovenia
  8. Finland
  9. France – you need a certificate of vaccination with a drug approved in Europe.

The standard package of documents for entering Europe is as follows, but there may be exceptions:

  • Questionnaire.< /li>
  • Round-trip tickets. If these are air tickets, then flights must be through countries whose airspace is open to Russians. For example, Serbia, Qatar, UAE, Turkey, etc.
  • Documents confirming the solvency of the tourist, namely: a certificate from work and/or a certificate from the bank on the state of the account.
  • Passport and its photocopies
  • Medical insurance. Some countries began to ask for insurance issued by foreign companies so that they could make payments in the event of an insured event.
  • Paid consular fee of 35 euros
  • Payment document proving the hotel reservation.< /li>
  • Russian passport and its photocopy
  • 2 color photos 3.5 x 45 in size

Booking a room in a European hotel can be difficult due to blocking, however, experienced tourists advise using a VPN and not paying with Visa and Mastercard cards issued in Russia, because. the transaction will be rejected. The same is happening with the card of the Russian payment system Mir.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “The full list of countries that remove covid restrictions this spring, where Russians can go” has been published.

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