The Russians were told how to remotely open an account abroad

Russians were told how to remotely open an account abroad

After blocking bank cards of Russian banks and disconnecting Russian “plastic” from the Mastercard and Visa payment systems, the Russians experienced complete helplessness from the inability to pay for purchases in the usual way in foreign online stores, but a particularly terrible situation has developed with those of our fellow citizens who are currently on their own. is located abroad. And this Yandex.Zen channel published instructions on how to open an account in a foreign bank without having to leave Russia and visit the office of a foreign bank. However, let's see if it's safe and if the Russians are being drawn into an adventure.

We are talking about the recommendation of a Swiss bank Dukascopy. It is stated that its clients can remotely open accounts directly from Russia with the possibility of replenishment up to $2,000 per quarter. If desired, an increased limit is available to tourists, however, this will require an indication of the origin of funds.

The direct instructions for opening an account with this bank are as follows:

  1. “Dzenovsky” tourist channel sends for installing the application directly on the bank's website, recommending that you enter a promotional code that can be used to receive a welcome bonus convertible into real currency.
  2. Next, you need to fill out a questionnaire in Russian, and then you will need to confirm your identity: a Russian-speaking bank manager does this via video link.
  3. The bank considers the application within 24 hours and if the decision is positive, it will notify you by e-mail.
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  5. Next, you need to open an account through the installed application and replenish it.
  6. Issue a virtual or order a plastic card and attach it to Apple Pay, for example.

Tempting ? Yes.

According to the author of the channel, this is one of the most popular options among banks today. Indeed, at first glance, his reputation is positive. The application has more than nine thousand installations and many reviews. However, most of the positive ones contain promo codes to receive a welcome bonus for a newly registered client, and the promo code that distributes receives referral earnings. So all these positive reviews are custom-made. Moreover, this application has (by the way, this is not a banking application itself, but an application only for communicating with a bank, which is strange and very alarming in itself) a lot of negative reviews: all these users complained about a “divorce” and a fraudulent scheme for weaning money. Such comments give grounds to doubt whether this is really a real and legally operating organization, and not a pseudo-bank. Moreover, in some reviews there is an assumption that this scheme is organized by Ukrainian scammers who ride the trend and thus try to “shoe” gullible Russians.

Let's give the most “talking” of the negative reviews:

    < li>“Pure fraud. Registration of microloans on your passport data and other miracles. All reviews about this application were purchased using promotional boxes. You can see for yourself worthy of reviewing the reviews all as one boilerplate.
  • “Terrible app. I spent a lot of time creating a bank account – but it makes no sense. Money cannot be withdrawn. And in general, it seems that Ukrainians are sitting on this project :)”.
  • “Bullshit is complete. The code didn't work, it wasn't even requested. Regular pyramid. You need to invite people who, in order to earn money, must also do this. it on minimal amounts, and in general, carry out these actions at your own peril and risk, realizing that it is very high…

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