The Russians were told why Sri Lanka is now beneficial for Russian emigrants and why there are risks for working remotely

The Russians have been told why Sri Lanka is now beneficial for Russian emigrants Lanka and why there are risks for remote workers

What is it like in the conditions of the global crisis and sanctions for Russian tourists and emigrants to live on the tropical island of Sri Lanka, which is popular primarily with “winterers”? This question was answered by a traveler from Russia. “Someone thinks that everything costs a penny in Sri Lanka, someone watches the news that they say that there is a crisis here now, and things are getting worse every day,” she wrote in a blog on the Yandex. Zen”.

Until recently, it seemed that the Russians would not be able to afford life in the island resort. However, due to the collapse of the rupee, which occurred against the backdrop of high-profile geopolitical events, “it has again become relatively profitable for Russians to live on the island.” The current exchange rate of the rupee against the ruble is 1 to 3, while a month ago it was 1 to 2, but so far for Russian emigrants, even such a conversion compares favorably with other directions.

As for the global problem with Russian bank cards , which were disconnected from the VISA and Mastercard payment systems, then it was solved in Sri Lanka as follows: “Now everyone buys rupees by transferring money to Russian cards.”

But what really depresses tourists and can become a significant obstacle for those who chose a paradise island for living and working “on a remote basis” is the lack of elementary conditions of civilization. We are talking about cutting off electricity and gas.

“However, problems with gas and electricity are felt more strongly every day, now the power is turned off for 5 hours every day, but it is rumored that soon the turn-off time will increase to 10 hours a day. For those who work remotely, this situation adds to the anxiety, ”the blogger was alarmed. At the same time, she added that “there are still many Russians in Sri Lanka and you can live quite comfortably.”

However, if risks and alarm bells appeared on the horizon, then for freelancers who are literally dependent on the Internet and electricity, this means that it is time to look for alternative destinations with year-round summer and the opportunity to work. Many familiar girls have already found such a place – this is Thailand. Especially since Thai authorities have lifted some of the strict entry measures and are discussing phasing out PCR testing. Such loyal conditions will allow foreign tourists to once again consider the kingdom as an attractive destination for life and recreation.

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