The Russians were warned about a sharp rise in the cost of recreation within the country

Russians have been warned about a sharp rise in the cost of holidays within the country

Prices for holidays within Russia will rise significantly, although these are not foreign tours tied to exchange rates. Experts from the tourism sector warned Russian tourists about this, Kommersant reported. The main reason is the economic sanctions imposed by Western countries against Russia, which forced hotels to revise their rates. Moreover, even the fall in demand did not stop the rise in prices.

“Rest on the May holidays for Russians will be expensive even within the country. Hoteliers increased the cost of living on these dates by up to 20 percent, citing an increase in their own costs due to the crisis, ”the analysts noted.

At the same time, they added that the change in dynamics is even more pronounced if we compare the cost of living in the most popular places with last year's figures.
Thus, the average price tag for hotel accommodation in early May compared to last year is as follows:

  • Krasnodar Territory: RUB 7,700 per day is 61% higher than in 2021. Most of all, or rather 1.5 times, prices increased in Sochi.
  • Tatarstan: 5'900 rubles – an increase of 31%.
  • Moscow: 3'500 rubles – an increase of 9 %.
  • St. Petersburg: 5'200 rubles – also up 9%.

An interlocutor related to the tourism sector explained to the publication that the situation in the regions is different: for example, at present, hoteliers in Crimea and Anapa are deprived of the opportunity to raise prices due to a 35–50% drop in demand due to the closure of airports, but some still “twist » price tags.

The increase in the cost of living in hotels is associated with high inflationary expectations of business. “Now hoteliers actually have to predict what kind of inflation awaits the market in the summer, while even the government can hardly do it,” one of the sources of the publication explained. At the same time, if the number of countries open to Russians in the summer does not expand, domestic hotels will inevitably increase prices due to high demand and the influx of tourists.

Earlier in March, the Russian Union of the Travel Industry announced that there was a rush for the rest of Russians for a spa holiday in the spring of 2022. According to the press secretary of the PCT Irina Tyurina, an increased interest in this type of recreation is recorded in all regions of the country, and many accommodation facilities offer free places only in the second half of May and June.

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