The Russians who left for Turkey were surprised and tense because of the latest initiatives of the authorities

Russians who left for Turkey were surprised and tense because of the latest initiatives of the authorities

Officials want to deprive the Russians who left for Turkey of a comfortable life. For example, to prohibit officially work remotely in Russia and consider the possibility of depriving them of their residency. The mood of Russian “relocators” in Turkey is read in Russian chats. This is a mixture of surprise and tension due to the recent restrictive initiatives of the authorities.

“Only the idea of ​​​​taking away cars and depriving citizenship seems more strange,” the Russian said on his Yandex.Zen channel. According to him, clouds will begin to gather over the compatriots who have moved to Turkey. However, the approach of the authorities looks very strange, because. seems to the author, who is currently traveling around Turkish cities, both an illogical and no one's benefit.

Several options are proposed, and the implementation of one of them or several at the same time is a matter of time, since the Russian government is already preparing documents. First, they want to prohibit tax non-residents from entering into employment contracts with Russian companies. “This applies to citizens who spend a lot of time abroad. If a person has not been in Russia for 183 days in a year, then he loses his resident status. And if the new initiative is approved, then he will lose his job, – the author of the material explained. – Which specialties or industries will be included in the list of restrictions – will be determined by the government. And it can define it in such a way that mom don’t cry – not only IT people will fall under the distribution (although they may just not be touched at all) ”.

Why did they take up the settlers?< /p>

The author drew attention to the ideological justification of the initiatives of the authorities: “They say that something is too good for them there. Disorder. Although in reality, not all of them ride like cheese in butter. In addition, there are areas in which it is critical to ensure the safety of work and data protection, and freelancers living “over the hill” are unlikely to be trusted with this.

These proposals have obvious disadvantages, the tourist noted. At the very least, the “persecution” of Russians who have moved seems strange to him. Here are its arguments:

  1. “Non-residents pay an increased tax on income – not 13%, but 30%. Legislators are ready to refuse this money in the budget. Moreover, personal income tax is one of the few large taxes that remain in the regions in full and are not transferred to the federal level. And this stream of money can be cut off for the regions,” the traveler explained.
  2. “A ban on an employment contract is not the Berlin Wall. It will be impossible to formalize the relationship – they will work according to gray schemes. Why encourage people to leave the legal field is not clear,” the author thought.
    As a result, everyone who moved will fall under the same “comb” of the bill: public figures in Israel, and “digital nomads” in Sri Lanka, and “winterers” in Thailand. Independent tourists will also get it.

The traveler suggested the following development of events: “Moreover, the former most likely have no plans to work in Russian companies anyway. But for the rest it can all hit. Someone will simply lose months of seniority (and the FIU, respectively, will lose revenues to their bins). And someone may even be faced with the prospect of being left without a livelihood.

The worst and most affected will be those who “have nothing to do with it at all.” In other words, details will be discarded and everyone will suffer indiscriminately. “This is very similar to the saying about how the child was thrown out with the water. Only in an even more absurd version – when all the water remained, and only a child flew out, ”the Russian predicted such a negative effect from new initiatives in relation to citizens who left the Russian Federation.

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