The special operation, sanctions and prices did not prevent the Russians: for the May holidays, tourists are buying up foreign tours

Special operation, sanctions and prices didn't stop Russians: tourists buy foreign tours for May holidays

The main paradoxical trend of 2022, noted by the experts of the travel market – despite all the political and economic problems, “air sanctions”, the closure of Europe, etc. – sales of tours for May … have increased compared to 2021. Tour operators estimate that this is “compensation” for the “May without Turkey” last year. On average, demand added more than a quarter – namely, 26%. Such data was provided by the analytical service ATOR based on the sales of 17 major tour operators for May, i.e. from April 29 to May 8.

In short, the trends are as follows – growth, as already mentioned, by 26%, is ensured by the fact that, unlike last year, Turkey is on sale, the absence of which last year collapsed sales by 70% – and this year programs are being actively staged, including from the regions. The restart of Egypt also plays a role, where at least two direct programs fly plus “transfer” flights. However, the main sales are in Russia and Turkey. As for closed Europe, it could not affect the statistics, since it was closed last year due to covid, and even a little tougher – now some countries have resumed issuing visas and tourists manage to “get through”.

Leaders in outbound demand are the following:

  1. Turkey has become the undisputed leader in outbound destinations – moreover, the shares of Turkey and Russia in tour operator sales for May are approximately the same – 36-38%. Depending on the tour operator, Turkey's share in its sales ranges from 35 to 62%. Antalya, Belek and Alanya are leading in resorts, there is also interest in an excursion in Istanbul. Prices start at about 70 thousand rubles. for a week for two, however, prices in popular hotels are much higher – from 170 thousand rubles. for two for “all inclusive”, and tourists are ready to buy a more expensive segment – 5 * for 280-300 thousand rubles.
  2. In second place in outbound tourism is the Emirates, where “transportation is well preserved”, since there were no scandals due to air sanctions, and most of the tour operators flew to the country on local airlines. Prices – from 230 thousand rubles to 434 thousand rubles per tour. At the same time, according to experts, there are almost no vacancies left for the May holidays.
  3. The third place belongs to the very conditionally “foreign” Abkhazia, which is traditionally popular for the May holidays. Prices are about 60-70 thousand rubles. per tour.
  4. In fourth place is Egypt. The country was seriously let down by a large-scale reduction in transportation – if not for the “air sanctions”, Egypt would have taken second place – experts are sure. However, the programs are in demand. The average price tag is about 170 thousand rubles. for two.
  5. Experts “generalized” the fifth place by putting “elite” island destinations there – such as the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Bali, etc. The Maldives leads in terms of volume – they take first or second place among all tour operators specialized in the Middle East and Asia. The price range is from 350 to 800 thousand rubles. for the tour. The most budget exotic is Sri Lanka, available on Aeroflot direct flights – about 130 thousand rubles.

Another trend has been a steady increase in demand for tours to the countries of the post-Soviet space, including such exotic things as beach tours to Kazakhstan. The leaders are Uzbekistan and Armenia. Sanctions contributed to this, but not by air, but by banking ones – tourists fly to issue VISA and Mastercard cards.

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