The summer season has opened in Antalya: the beaches are dotted with tourists

The summer season has opened in Antalya: the beaches are dotted with tourists

The southern resorts of Turkey pleased tourists with the early opening of the summer season. Vacationers massively went to the beaches, and some daredevils – to swim. The air temperature is kept at a comfortable level of + 20-22 ° C, there is not a cloud in the sky. At the same time, tourists continue to ski and snowboard in the northeastern ski resorts of the republic.

According to Turkish media, sunny days “convinced” the multi-member foreign and local tourists to open the summer season. Now they daily go to the coast of Konyaalti in the main Turkish province of Antalya: sunbathe and swim. True, the Mediterranean Sea has not yet warmed up to summer temperatures, while there is + 18 ° C, but this does not prevent seasoned tourists from entering the water. According to weather forecasts, next week the sunny weather will consolidate, and the thermometer will reach +24°C. This means that the sea will also gradually warm up.

“We have not had such a winter for many years, it was very difficult due to snow, wind and the pandemic. We sat at home and yearned for the sea, ”one of the local vacationers told the publications.

“Today the weather is good, the temperature is +20°C. We like this kind of weather, we see that people are very interested in the beach. All the people who have been at home for a long time have finally come out,” added another.

While some open the beach season, others do not want to part with winter entertainment. So, in the ski resorts in the city of Erzurum, tourists continue to ski from the famous mountain Palandoken and are not going to accept the spring. Recent snowfalls have only added to their confidence that the winter season is not over yet.

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