The summer season has started in Turkey: new rules of the buffet are told

The summer season has started in Turkey: new buffet rules have been announced

In the 2022 season, which officially opened on April 1, the “normal buffet” was returned to tourists, where they can serve their own meals. This was reported by a tourist on her channel in Yandex.Zen. She listed the advantages and disadvantages of “food behind glass”, interviewed her readers, and most importantly, told how it looks at the moment.

“Hotel staff still wear masks, and tourists can do anything again. The most important thing is that the Turkish authorities have officially allowed the return of the “buffet” in the classic format: when the food is served not by chefs, but by vacationers,” the blogger said. She recalled that during the time of the “corona” they decided to put food behind the glass. “Tourists came up to the windows, handed the plate through the crack and got the desired dish,” she explained. The format did not suit everyone, tourists complained about the following reasons:

  • waiters impose either too much or too little;
  • it is usually embarrassing to ask for an addition;
  • also people were embarrassed to ask for several different dishes/snacks at once (collect a little bit of everything);
  • someone felt like they were “begging” for food;
  • not all hotels were well organized distribution – in some, the food was too far away;
  • you can’t take a tidbit: what was given, eat like that;
  • food lines or sluggish waiters often led to queues at restaurants.

But, she said, some found that “food became more hygienic” as many tourists “poked around in salads” or touched fruit with their hands. “When the food was behind the glass, squeamish people rejoiced,” she said.

According to the blogger, the realities of 2022 are as follows: hotels in Turkey have officially been allowed to return to their usual concept, tourists will once again put food on their own. “True, vacationers are asked to do this with disposable gloves (and in some hotels they are required to wear masks),” she said. The tourist also added that, in fact, many hotels did not “bother” by making distribution lines only for hot dishes in 2021, but snacks, salads, desserts and fruits in many hotels could be collected independently for the entire season of 2021.

She added her personal experience to this. “All last year at the distribution, I never managed to get as many vegetables and cold snacks as I wanted. I like to collect a little bit of everything, and the chefs always put too generous portions. Now everything is as before, ”she assured. She also expressed the hope that this season the Russians will still fly to their beloved Turkey on an all-inclusive basis. “Believe us, they are waiting for us here. Turks often say that we are their favorite tourists,” the blogger said.

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