The tourist told how he empties the hotel room every day, stuffing his suitcase with useful things

A tourist told how he empties his hotel room every day, stuffing his suitcase with useful things

the tourist will take a couple of mini-packs of shampoo with him from the hotel room. However, they don't exactly count on the approach that some of the more avid vacationers take. So, one such traveler told on TikTok what useful things he likes and how he stuffs his suitcases with them every day to take them home.

In the posted video, the user showed all the items that he takes from the hotel room after his stay there comes to an end. So, from the next vacation, the traveler took three bags of coffee with him, although he immediately admitted that he did not drink it.

“I take coffee, although I don’t drink coffee, but someone will definitely be there,” he noted, probably referring to his relatives or friends. The young man then collected some toiletries and showed that he put them in his suitcase not only at the end of the stay, but every day. The calculation is simple – if the bathroom does not have shampoo, gel, soap, toothpaste and brushes, the maids bring new ones once a day.

“You know that I take all the bath accessories, and you know what I have in a suitcase full of all these useful things that they replenished every day,” he added.

Further, the footage showed how the tourist continued to walk around the room and grabbed everything he could, saying the following: “The notebook is in the bag. A bar of soap – I never use it, I can't, as I have sensitive skin, but I will take it too. If I had space for tissues in my bag… Part of me is even wondering if I should take [plastic] cups?”

Thousands of commenters reacted to the tourist's video. Some praised him for his thriftiness and economy, while others negatively assessed the actions of a tourist blogger.

“I do the same. I paid for it, so it's going with me”, “Why take things you won't use? Pretty wasteful,” such comments were left by users under the video.

Previously, experts have already told what items can be taken from hotel rooms without remorse and what definitely should not be taken out. So, stationery, postcards, slippers and toiletries are free, ie. included in the price of the room, so guests can take them home without feeling guilty. However, towels, bathrobes, hair dryers, irons and cups are not allowed. For their loss, the hotel may require monetary compensation. Read the details in the following materials:

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