The tourist took off her panties in the cabin, shocking passengers, and began to wave them

The tourist took off her panties in the cabin, shocking the passengers, and began to wave them

On board the plane, the tourist, who turned out to be a famous model, took off thong and began to dry them, waving in different directions. Shocked by the rude behavior, the passengers giggled and resented. She filmed her actions and published it on Instagram banned in Russia, The Sun noted.

While traveling from Miami (USA), the girl decided to dry her underwear without being embarrassed by other passengers. The footage shows her lifting the pink thong over her head and then holding it up to the top air vents to dry. At the same time, she waved her underwear from side to side.

Some tourists were indignant at what they saw and tried to shame the rude woman, while others filmed it on camera. The girl herself, who turned out to be a model, did not see anything strange in her actions and published her own video on the social network. The strange performance got more than 14 thousand likes: they thought the shocking video was funny.

However, judging by the comments left, most people did not share this point of view. Let's list the popular reactions of travelers to the published footage of a tourist:

  1. “People no longer have self-respect”
  2. “It's terrible”
  3. “What's in her head ?”

Earlier there were other cases when tourists tried to dry their things during the flight. So, in 2018, one woman took off her pants and tried to dry them with the help of air vents. She did all this in front of an astonished neighbor. Another example: in 2019, while boarding a flight, a young woman was shocked by the presence of two dirty panties in her seat.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “a Russian woman flew from Turkey on a Sukhoi Superjet 100 and was very surprised.”< /p>

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