The Turks allocated 70 aircraft for the Russians: an air bridge will be created

The Turks have allocated 70 aircraft for the Russians: an air bridge will be created

Turkish Airlines is ready to carry tourists from Russia and allocate 70 aircraft directly belonging to the airline for this. This was once again stated by the chairman of the board of directors and the board of the Turkish national carrier Ahmet Bolat. The expert further added that negotiations on this issue are still ongoing.

In an interview with Turkish media, he stated the following: “We aim to transport Russian tourists on our own 70 aircraft. We are targeting 3 million passengers on charter flights,” Mr. Bolat also estimated. However, he added that negotiations on this issue are still ongoing.

Recall that a little earlier in the Turkish media there was information that they were trying to “land” the flight program to Russia. It was about “air sanctions”. A few days ago, the Turkish media reported that the news about the signing of an agreement on the allocation of 1.5 million block seats to Turkish Airlines for the importation of Russian tourists by tour operators Coral, Pegas and Anex is not yet true. Because the agreement has not yet been signed. And she added in plain text that the United States opposes the agreement, which the Turks are forced to involve in negotiations.

“Discussions are underway with the Department of Tourism, OFAC, (Office of Foreign Assets Control under the US Department of the Treasury) and the US State Department of Commerce,” the sources said. And then they hint that Turkey was intimidated by sanctions for working with Russia. Read the details here.

It should be noted that the creation of an “air bridge” is included in the program to save Russian tourism to Turkey, developed at the level of high ministries. Within the framework of this “road map”, in particular, a “rescue mission” for the Russian tourist flow is expected: the Turkish flag carrier Turkish Airlines has agreed to send 1.5 million Russian tourists to the country during the year. As part of the state program, which will include the creation of a new charter airline, the carrier guarantees the availability of seats for Russian tour operators of Turkish origin offering tour packages for our compatriots. These are Anex Tour, Pegas Touristik and Coral Travel. Such data followed from the statement of Turkish Airlines. Read the details in the TURPROM material at the link.

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