There was a sharp increase in the demand of Russians for foreign trips: the most popular destinations were announced

There has been a sharp increase in the demand of Russians for foreign trips: the most popular destinations have been announced

Travel media of countries where Russian Russians actively traveled comment with optimism the result of a review of the Russian service OneTwoTrip, which showed that in connection with the recent removal by the Operational Headquarters of the Russian Federation of restrictions on flights to some countries due to COVID-19, the demand of Russians for international travel has sharply increased. Growth is observed from 5% to 350%.

“According to search queries made on April 4, interest in almost all directions of international flights increased by at least 5% to 350% compared to the data of a week ago,” said Elena Shelekhova, head of the press service of the service.

At the same time, she noted an interesting trend: part of the growth in requests is associated with destinations that are not at all distinguished by the mass demand of tourists. Thus, the number of search requests for air tickets to Bosnia and Herzegovina increased 4.5 times compared to a week earlier, 3.9 times to Fiji, 3.6 times to Zimbabwe and 3.2 times to Jamaica and Madagascar. Tourists are unlikely to gather there, but they are studying how expensive their flights and flight options are.

However, the clearly demanded destinations also received an increase: the volume of searches for air tickets to Israel increased by 56%, and to Serbia by 49%. Popular destinations have suffered less with 35% gains in tickets to Egypt, 20% to Thailand and 18% to Turkey.

Not all destinations will benefit from increased demand, however. Thus, Thailand noted that flights from Russia to Thailand and from Thailand are still suspended, as Russian airlines are “under strong pressure from Western sanctions”, as well as due to changes in the route and oil prices, the number of connecting flights operated by foreign operators , limited. At the same time, the country recalled that it was Russian tourists who took first place in terms of number in Phuket in December – there were 17 thousand of them, and also remembered that before the coronavirus, Russians “were an important part of tourism.”

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