This was not the case last year: Turkish Antalya began to book new tourists

This did not happen last year: new tourists started booking Turkish Antalya

“Luxury” Turkish hotels are feeling the massive return of the European market, which was not there in the past two “pandemic” seasons, and expect that the upcoming summer will be even better than in the 2019 season. Mehmet Zeki Ünal, CEO of Mylome Luxury Hotel & Resort in the resort of Alanya in the province of Antalya. He is sure that “despite all the negative moments experienced”, the hotel will close the season with results higher than 2019.

“Early booking went well, we received very good orders from Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and England, which were not there at all last year. I am very satisfied comparing this beauty with last year. There has been an unexpected flow of orders from the European market, good orders coming from Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK, which were not there last year,” he said. According to him, last year there were very few bookings from Germany, and there were none from the UK at all last season, as the country closed travel to Turkey. “Now Germany has taken first place in the number of bookings from Europe this year, and England is second. Added to this were countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark, in the end it all exceeded all our expectations from an early booking. Now sales are rising as Eastern Europe gets warmer. There are bookings from such countries as Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia. I can already say that I hope this year will be successful,” he said.

The Turkish expert, however, did not forget Russia either. “New flights from Russia have also been opened. As soon as they opened we started taking orders from there. I think that this activity will increase with the beginning of the holidays – traditional Last Minutes orders have not even begun yet,” Mr. Ünal emphasized.

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