Tickets for May in the first class for Russians are over: there are no places even for 1.4 million rubles

Tickets for May in the first class for Russians are over: there are no seats even for 1.4 million rubles

Demand for elite tours in Russia has decreased significantly. However, in some directions, even tickets worth 1 million rubles were sold out. In particular, this applies to Dubai. Some experts assess such demand as “forced” after the closure of Europe for wealthy Russians.

In general, in April, the demand for elite foreign tours in Russia decreased by 60%. Among the main reasons for the decline is the risk of cancellation of bookings in foreign luxury hotels under the pretext of sanctions, as well as the difficulty of making payments in foreign currency. “Money transfers from accounts in Russia, even to “friendly countries”, are now difficult to make, and the higher the transfer amount, the higher the likelihood that the receiving bank will refuse and return the payment. Hotels, in turn, are afraid of violating the sanctions,” said experts cited by the Turkish media. They also noted that since cashing out is limited to 10 thousand dollars and you cannot use a Visa-Mastercard, “elite” tourists have problems – they are “losing the opportunity to spend as much money as they want.”

At the same time, prices for Business class tickets are growing at an insane pace – however, they have already sold out on some destinations. For example, there are no seats in Emirates Business Class on flights to Dubai. Although this ticket costs about 1.4 million rubles ($18 thousand). However, we recall that Dubai is also a major transfer hub, accessible to Russians – including, by the way, to European destinations, as well as to Asia. So it’s not a fact that all “elite” tourists “get stuck” in the Emirates.

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