To spite the sanctions: Russians massively decided to go on vacation – the most delicious destinations announced

To spite the sanctions: Russians decided to go on vacation in droves - the most delicious destinations announced

No sanctions can scare Russian tourists away from their well-deserved vacation and summer holidays. This year's record: over 90% of respondents plan to go on summer vacation as usual – such data was shown by a study of the service. At the same time, the majority will rest in Russia.

Experts do not exactly emphasize, but still note that the survey was conducted from March 15 to March 20, i.e. already after the start of the “special operation” and the imposition of sanctions. In total, about 2,000 Russians aged 18 to 55 took part in it. And of these, 92% said they would go on vacation this year. Moreover, the majority – or 60% – intends to hold it inside the country. And only 14% expect to travel abroad. The remaining 10% do not intend to go anywhere, beyond their dacha, 7% will take care of the house and/or repair, 1% will spend this time on “learning new things.”

The reason, first of all, is that the Russians “ pent-up demand” has also accumulated. More than half – or 55% of potential tourists believe that they have not rested for a long time. 38% had their last vacation six months ago, 27% – less than six months ago, 25% – a year ago. 4% were on vacation before the pandemic, and 5% more than two years ago.

At the same time, cashback programs “spurred” a few. According to the survey, more than half either do not know or did not plan to use them – 23% and 31%, respectively. Another 40% of vacationers want to take advantage of tourist cashback.

Let us recall that according to previously expressed preferences, Sochi is the leader among domestic resorts – the resort is very lucky with an open airport, since this factor scares tourists away from Crimea. Turkey is definitely the leader in foreign destinations.

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