Tour operator FUN&SUN announced a large-scale flight program in Russia

On April 13, a press conference “Rostourism: new tourist charters for the spring-summer season” was held at the TASS site with the participation of the head of the Federal Tourism Agency Zarina Doguzova, heads of regions and heads of tour operator companies.

FUN&SUN tour operator announced a large-scale flight program in Russia

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the tour operator FUN&SUN (ex. TUI Russia) Taras Demura, in his speech at a press conference, shared with journalists plans to increase the share of the domestic product in the company's sales to 40% (for comparison, in the pre-pandemic period, it was only 10% of total sales) , spoke about charter destinations that have already become traditional – tours to Sakhalin and Baikal, and also presented a number of new products.

So FUN&SUN tour operator this spring-summer season will launch charter programs to Altai from three cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk, charters to Tatarstan from Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as from Moscow to the North Caucasus, the Republic of Karelia and on May holidays to the Tyumen region.

Taras Demura announced the start of sales of charter tours to Kamchatka: “On June 10, we are starting a charter program to Kamchatka. We discussed the launch of charters with Vladimir Viktorovich Solodov, the governor of the Kamchatka Territory, last year at the WEF. We carried out preparatory work, our specialists visited the region, held negotiations with the tourist industry and hoteliers. And we are happy to present our programs. The cost of tours lasting 8 nights starts from 55 thousand rubles per person. The price includes flights, accommodation, transfers and excursions according to the program,” the speaker said.

The tour operator offers tours to Kamchatka in the “Light” and “Standard” formats, which are already familiar to tourists in other charter destinations of the company. The Light program is suitable for tourists who want to take advantage of the benefits of a charter, but at the same time want to plan their stay in Kamchatka on their own, the Standard program is for those who prefer to choose a ready-made travel program, which already includes main excursions and main locations, such as a trip to the Vilyuchinsky waterfall and Verkhne-Paratunsky hot springs, a boat trip to Starichkov Island, a trip to the Avachinsky volcano and Mount Camel. At the same time, tourists have the opportunity to make the programs more intense and purchase additional excursions and activities, for example, get to know Kamchatka huskies, try local cuisine and seafood, visit the famous Khalaktyrsky beach, raft down a mountain river, and others.

Another novelty of FUN&SUN is tours to the North Caucasus, the charter flight program also starts on June 10th. Tourists are offered excursion programs that allow them to get acquainted with Chechnya, Dagestan, North Ossetia, as well as combined interregional routes and tours that combine excursions + rest in one package.

Taras Demura shared his plans for the future: “We are working on tours to Primorsky Krai, soon they will be available for booking. We are studying the possibility of setting up charters in other regions and launching interregional programs in Siberia and the Far East.

It is noteworthy that all FUN&SUN charter programs offer tourist routes in the opposite direction: – bilateral: for all programs, for tourists from the regions, package excursion tours to Moscow and St. Petersburg have been formed, they are also available for booking,” Taras Demura emphasized.


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