Tourism in America is becoming a pariah: the US found the culprit

Tourism in America is becoming a pariah: the US has found the culprit

Hollywood fell out of love with “the beautiful sounds and sights of America” ​​- and after that tourism in the US became a pariah in their own country, the Americans preferred travel to Europe. This statement by American experts was published by Forbes. They directly blame the Dream Factory for the fact that earlier in the films the “image of America as one of the favorite places for tourists and immigrants” was broadcast, but now the “number one marketer” is out of control and prefers to show the beauty of Europe.

“The Tom Cruise series 'Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol' filmed in Prague, 'Braveheart' in beautiful Irish villages, and many other films filmed in Florence, Paris, Venice and even Ibiza and Croatia,” complains the expert. , further adding that “where Hollywood goes, the whole world follows,” and film tourism is moving further and further away from America. And not only film tourism.

According to Karim Dus, CEO of Favisbook: “Since 2017, when we launched the business and began offering our services to American travelers in Europe, it has become clear that the number of Americans choosing European cities for vacation or relocation has been steadily increasing. At this rate, the allure of America as the most desirable place to live will be gradually eroded.”

The American expert also complained that “bad news” and many movie stars are also paving the way for tourism in the US to “become a pariah”. “It is common knowledge that previously famous celebrities, rising stars and emerging artists wanted to acquire a piece of property in Los Angeles. Nowadays, many celebrities prefer to invest in real estate in European countries,” he complains.

Hollywood celebrities living as far away from Hollywood as possible include Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, owners of the Chateau Miraval in France, Angelina also acquired several other properties in England; Johnny Depp, who spends most of his time between Saint Tropez, the French village he bought in 2001, and his private Caribbean island, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and others. According to the expert, “the effect is felt at all other levels of society.”

As a result, “countries such as France, Italy and Spain are raking in tourist dollars from American tourists.” “Hollywood is giving up one of its most sacred roles? What happens when one of America's fiercest defenders suddenly stops being so passionate? – asks the expert. Clearly, tourism in the US is going to become a pariah, he complains.

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