Tourism in Germany revived: no one expected such demand for foreign tours

German tourism has revived: no one expected such a demand for foreign tours

In the context of ongoing anti-COVID restrictions and sanctions, the German Air Transport Association announced an intensive recovery in demand for air travel. According to her report, in the flight schedule adopted on March 27, airport capacity is approaching pre-pandemic levels. This means that tourism in Germany has revived and with it the demand for foreign tours is growing. However, the security staff of the busiest airport in the country can again overshadow the statistics.

“We are approaching the capacity of flights in the pre-pandemic period,” said Matthias von Randow, president of the association. In addition, he added that more and more destinations are becoming available, so the demand for air travel has skyrocketed.

At the same time, as the German business and tourism magazine FVW reported, despite the ongoing Russian special operation in Ukraine and the rampant cases of coronavirus around the world, the airlines that launched a series of new flights took significant risks. So, if in 2021 German airlines offered 77 million seats at German airports, which was 43 percent of the pre-Covid 2019 figure, now the association said that German airlines planned to fill a record 153.7 million seats this year, which will be 85 percent of data 2019.

According to the flight plans of German airlines, this summer, 90 percent of the pre-COVID statistics will be reached on North American destinations – this is also a post-COVID time record for Germany. European destinations are expected to grow by 89 percent, Africa by 84 percent, the Middle East by 83 percent and Latin America by 79 percent.

On the other hand, Germany's most important international airport is in danger of spoiling the statistics: it has already experienced serious delays and flight cancellations several times due to security strikes at Frankfurt Airport. The reason lies in the ongoing labor dispute between the parties. For example, as a result of the conflict the week before last, more than 770 takeoffs and landings were canceled there in one day. Their colleagues from other cities joined the protests.

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