Tourism industry continues recruitment

SuperJob in the new labor market index based on the results of the third week of March.

The HR activity of employers in the labor market slightly corrected over the week (minus 3 percentage points): the SuperJob labor market index is at the mark of 1.04 points, which is 4% higher than the average for the same periods in 2017-2019. On average, the number of vacancies has decreased by 11 percentage points since the beginning of the special operation.

According to the company's analysts, the number of vacancies (0%) in the segment of tourism, hotels and cateringhas not changed : companies are preparing for the summer season.

According to the results of the second week of March, the selection in the industry did not decrease either. According to analysts, it seems that the tourism industry has pumped adaptability to the super level and mastered the skills to redirect tourist traffic in the shortest possible time.

The tourism industry continues to recruit personnel

Dynamics of the number of vacancies in various market segments labor — the most interesting trends of the past week:

  1. Agriculture +25%;
  2. Extraction of raw materials +10%;
  3. Industry, manufacturing +2%;
  4. Retail +2%;
  5. Tourism, hotels, catering 0%;
  6. Science, education, advanced training 0%;
  7. Procurement, supply 0%;
  8. IT, Internet, communications, telecom – 4%;
  9. < li> Construction, design, real estate – 5%;

  10. Medicine, pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicine – 9%;
  11. Accounting, finance, audit – 10%;
  12. Marketing, advertising, PR – 10%;
  13. Sports, fitness, beauty salons, SPA – 14%;
  14. Consulting, strategic development – 14%;
  15. Personnel, recruiting – 39%.

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In agriculture vacancies increased by a quarter over the week, and this is an excellent indicator, in line with the seasonal trends that we observed in the labor market before covid. Farmers and livestock breeders are active: they are recruiting workers, agronomists, veterinarians, engineers and specialists in the repair and maintenance of equipment.

Extractive industryaccelerates the recruitment of employees for shift. Before covid, the number of vacancies grew at a faster pace, but in the current realities, an increase of 10% per week is a good result.

In industry, vacancies increased by 2%, and this , that last week the manufacturing industry demonstrated positive dynamics.

A slight increase in demand is observed in retail(+2%). The market is recovering the fall after the loud statements of large networks about leaving Russia.

Science and education keeps the demand for personnel at the level of last week. The number of vacancies in purchasing has been stable during the week – and this is a good sign: business is not curtailing momentum.

In information technology, communications and telecommunications the number of vacancies decreased slightly (by 4%).

Construction industryreduced the number of vacancies by 5%, but there are still more of them than before the start of the special operation due to the seasonal factor.

Accounting and auditing, as well as marketing, advertising and PR — by 10%, mainly due to a decrease in demand for entry-level applicants : in unstable times, businesses need professionals with solid experience.

Demand for personnel in the segment of the fitness industry and beauty salons has decreased by 14%.

Consulting continued to reduce recruitment after a significant decrease in the number of vacancies last week (minus 14%).

HR also took up the optimization (minus 39%): professionals with experience in crisis management and HR specialists with experience are still in high demand, but companies decided to refuse the help of assistants and remote recruiters to apply – there are fewer vacancies for job seekers without experience.


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