Tourist arrested for carrying cocaine in socks in Sharm el-Sheikh

Tourist carrying cocaine in socks arrested in Sharm el-Sheikh

carry banned substances in socks, Egyptian media reported.

According to the data, the traveler arrived on a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul in Turkey and was visibly nervous during the standard screening. When asked if he was transporting foreign goods or goods subject to taxes and customs duties, he answered in the negative.

The tourist was taken to the personal screening room, and his luggage was carefully checked. However, security officials did not find anything prohibited in the suitcases. As it turned out, the Dutchman kept drugs with him. 28 ecstasy tablets, 30 tramadol tablets and 2 sachets of cocaine were found in his socks and purse.

Prohibited substances were confiscated, and the man was sent to the police station until all the details were clarified. Usually, in this case, tourists face a large fine, deportation, and in some cases imprisonment.

Egyptian laws are harsh on the organizers of drug smuggling. Thus, cases were known when international gangs were sentenced by the Egyptian court to death. For example, in 2013, a court issued such a verdict against five foreign citizens (there were no Russians among them) who tried to smuggle three tons of hashish into Egypt through the border on the country's southeast coast. They were also fined $12 million.

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