Tourist bus burned down in Antalya: the driver jumped out on the move

Tourist bus burned down in Antalya: the driver jumped out on the move

A transfer minibus, heading from Antalya to Alanya to pick up tourists, caught fire while driving along the highway and almost crashed into a gas station. Fortunately, there were no passengers inside, and the driver managed to save his life by jumping out on the move. The Turkish edition of Sozcu reported about the state of emergency.

According to the newspaper, the fire broke out from the engine compartment right in front of the gas station in the area of ​​the resort village of Kyzylajach, not far from Side. Seeing the fire, the driver panicked, but before jumping out of the burning bus, he managed to turn the steering wheel to the right to avoid a collision with a gas station. By his actions, he prevented a major catastrophe, experts said to those who arrived at the scene of the accident.

The arriving firefighters had to contemplate the charred skeleton, because. there was nothing left to save. As a result of the fire, the vehicle became unsuitable for transporting tourists.

“So far, there have been no problems. As soon as I got to the oil, flames began to come out of the car. I turned right off the road and jumped out of the car,” the frightened driver said.

The D-400 highway, which connects the main resort center of the country, Antalya, and the resort town of Alanya, is one of the most popular in the region. The 2/057 km road starts at Datca in the southwestern part of the Anatolian peninsula and ends at the Iranian border.

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