Tourist deported from Bali for dancing naked on a mountain

Tourist being deported from Bali for dancing naked on a mountain

A Canadian tourist danced naked on a sacred mountain in the resort island of Bali, and foolishly immediately posted it on the net. Now, for showing disrespect for the traditions and values ​​of the island, he is in serious trouble, Indonesian media reported.

The man who self-proclaimed himself on Instagram (listed on the list of resources banned in Russia) as an “expert of joy” and a “healer of mind and body” shared footage on social networks over the weekend of how he performs a ritual haka dance naked on Mount Batur.< /p>

Help: Mount Batur is an active volcano in Bali and one of the four sacred mountains on the island. Haka is a ritual dance of the New Zealand Maori, which includes dancing, singing, and peculiar facial expressions. This is one of the most famous Maori musical arts.

“When you strip naked without the shame of being noticed. You become a fearless child of God,” the traveler captioned the video.

The Immigration Service found out about the tourist's antics and put the long-haired tourist on the wanted list. It didn’t take long to search – the man stopped in Uluwatu, the Badung regency. The police took him to the station for interrogation. He later stated on the pages of social networks that he would like to publicly apologize and asked for help. Some were ready to pay for his taxi to the airport, others showed no sympathy for him, accusing him of disrespect for traditions.

“You are a guest here, so show some respect for the local culture and religion! Mount Batur is a holy place for the Balinese. If he wants to undress in his country or at home, please, we don’t care, but don’t put banned photos in public space – this is called “moronic disrespect,” one of the travelers was indignant at the actions of a naked tourist.

According to media reports, the man, who has been living on the island since 2019, has already apologized for his actions. “However, his statement seemed to be directed more towards accusations that he disrespected Maori culture by performing a traditional dance naked, rather than an insult he may have caused to the Balinese,” wrote local publications.

“My intention was just to enjoy the sound, expression, movement and freedom from my whole being … I have the right to it, just like you,” the man justified.

It was clarified that the man was confiscated passport. The head of the Bali regional office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Jamaruli Manihuruk, stated the following: “The alien's passport was immediately seized by the team of the Denpasar Immigration Intelligence Department, the tourist should report to the department.”

He is currently awaiting deportation, but the authorities noted that the airlines do not want to help because he is not vaccinated against the coronavirus. In addition, local officials said that the Canadian will be blacklisted from entering the island in the future.

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