Tourist flow increased by 200%: Russians massively rushed to these countries

Tourist flow increased by 200%: Russians massively rushed to these countries

Countries that are still open to Russian tourists have enjoyed a massive increase in Russian tourist traffic – according to a ForwardKeys study, the growth in the volume of tourist traffic from Russia to open destinations – namely, Serbia, Turkey and the UAE, has grown by more than 200% compared to pre-pandemic levels. At the same time, these countries most often become a transit point for the onward journey to Europe.

“Judging by the tickets issued from February 28 (when sanctions were introduced) to March 8 (latest available data), the main transfer points for people traveling from Russia to Europe passed through Turkey, Serbia and the UAE,” said Olivier Ponty, vice president of ForwardKeys.

According to experts, the “transshipment” directions are as follows:

  1. When flying through Turkey – Germany, Italy, UK, Spain and Greece.
  2. When flying through Serbia – Montenegro, Cyprus, France, Switzerland and Italy.
  3. When flying through the UAE – Cyprus, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and France.
  4. Turkey and the UAE also served as hubs , linking Russia with the US and some Asian destinations.

Rush demand and minimal supply have increased ticket prices accordingly. So, according to the figures given by ATOR, the following picture emerges:

  • The cheapest tickets to Istanbul from Moscow with a departure at the end of March can be bought at a price of 39 thousand rubles. one way. Moreover, this is a transfer flight through Yerevan by FlyOne. The cheapest non-stop ticket with a departure at the end of March will cost at least 55 thousand rubles. for one.
  • Tickets to Belgrade (Serbia) from Moscow until the end of March – only with a transfer, mainly in Istanbul, the price for the end of March one way – from 48-50 thousand rubles. Flying on a direct AirSerbia flight in early April costs from 65 thousand rubles. for one. Tickets with connections for these dates can be found at a price of 40 thousand rubles. one way. We must also take into account the constant “mining” of these flights by Ukraine and Poland.
  • The cheapest ticket for a flight with a connection from Moscow to Dubai at the end of March will cost 41 thousand rubles. A ticket for a direct Emirates flight can be bought at a price of 61 thousand rubles. By April, prices have not changed yet.

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