Tourist kicked off flight because of writing on pants

Tourist kicked off flight because of writing on pants

A woman was banned from an American Airlines flight because her garment was “offensive and inappropriate”. It was about trousers with the inscriptions “F**k you” worn by Hwang So Hee, a famous South Korean DJ. She shared her story on Twitter (the social network is blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation).

The girl managed to check in for a flight on the New York – Los Angeles route and even sit in the cabin, but soon security officials approached her. “The staff suddenly came up to me to collect my things and get me off the plane without any explanation. When I was escorted out of the salon, they claimed that my sweatpants were “inappropriate” and “offensive.” At the same time, the staff said that I needed to fly on the next flight,” the tourist complained.

She said that she “begged to leave her on the flight” because she had an important meeting, but the staff refused, although the girl offered to change clothes.
“I have broken fingers on my hands, so I somehow took off my pants in front of the whole team and stood half-naked while they refused to put me on the flight. They even sarcastically remarked that I could have taken off my pants earlier,” the passenger added.

She was eventually allowed to get dressed when she turned her pants inside out, but this came after a flight delay of an hour. “I was depressed and trembling with fear for the next 6 hours on my way back to Los Angeles. In 8 years of touring, I have never experienced or been subjected to unfair treatment, especially in a country that is known for its freedom of speech and individuality, ”the girl complained.

There were many commentators on social networks who condemned her appearance, however, at the same time, users were shocked by the behavior of the airline's employees. A representative of American Airlines promptly intervened in the flaring scandal. Here is what he noted for publications: “It is American Airlines policy to not wear offensive clothing. While boarding American Airlines Flight 306 at John F. Kennedy International Airport, our team briefed Citizen Seo Hee of our policies and provided her with the opportunity to change without clothes, however, profanity was displayed. The client complied with the request and received permission to continue the journey, as planned, to Los Angeles International Airport.

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