Tourists from Germany will replace Russian tourists at this super popular beach destination: preparations have begun

Tourists from Germany will replace Russians on this super popular beach destination: preparations have begun

Turkey expects to attract at least 10 million German tourists, we can say that it is “as an alternative” to the Russian and Ukrainian markets. This goal was stated by the local tourist industry. Among the first events already planned are business and press tours, as well as promotional tours for German travel agencies.

In particular, the Turkish media announced a major event scheduled for April 28, which should be attended by over 400 major German tour operators, travel agencies and journalists. The event will be held in Antalya from April 28 to May 1 with the support of the Association of Tourist Hoteliers and Operators of Antalya.

On the European side, the event involved the cooperation of the RTK Group, which unites more than 4,200 travel agencies in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. As RTK CEO Bösl commented to the Turkish media: “We will create a sales-oriented dialogue form. Our format brings together agencies, hotel partners, technology providers and tour operators,” he said. The main task, according to him, is “to stimulate discussion of the future of tourism sales, which have been in crisis for more than two years.” “We decided to organize a multi-day event abroad. We want to give all participants time and space for dialogue. For this reason, we will focus on one day of the congress, and devote the rest of the time to exchanges between tourism professionals without special protocol,” added the German expert.

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