Tourists in Antalya warned of the danger that will go to the Red Sea by June

Tourists in Antalya have been warned about the danger that will go to the Red Sea by June

Numerous photos of dangerous jellyfish clusters posted on social networks The beaches of the resort province of Antalya do not cease to frighten tourists and local residents. However, scientist Jale Korun from Akdeniz University urged not to panic and not touch the deadly living creatures, saying that in a few months the animals will leave Turkish waters on their own and go to the Red Sea.

According to the expert, the jellyfish population observed off the coast of Antalya since January of this year will decrease by mid-June due to the migration of jellyfish to the Red Sea.
“There is nothing to be afraid of. This is a natural process. In a few months they will disappear,” the specialist reassured the vacationers.

Migrant jellyfish from the Red Sea, their scientific name is Rhopilema Nomadica, move in flocks to the Gulf of Iskenderun in the northeast Mediterranean Sea, and then travel west downstream from the Gulf of Antal through Lebanon and Syria.

“ At this time of the year, jellyfish that have gone astray reach the coast of Antalya under the influence of the wind. Some of them are bait for carriage turtles, while others die if washed up on the beach or rocks. This process ends in mid-June. It is very difficult to meet jellyfish in our seas in the summer season. Tourists have nothing to fear,” the researcher explained.

A university employee also noted that when you see a white canvas of jellyfish on the beaches, you should not panic, this is a temporary phenomenon. However, tourists and local residents need to be careful: do not touch, and, moreover, do not pick up marine animals, because. they are very dangerous. Even dead jellyfish can leave burns on the skin.

Turtles guarding the resort

The professor recalled that the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Antalya has its own unique ecosystem. “Our greatest fortune is that the bay in the province is not a closed sea. Jellyfish need stagnant and dirty water to breed. Our seas are clean and have strong currents. The jellyfish that arrived here lost their way and left the group due to bad weather during their migration. Feeding on protein-rich jellyfish, the turtles are the guardians of the bay. They protect Antalya from a possible invasion of these animals,” the expert added.

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