Tourists in Thailand warned about a restaurant dish that could be fatal

Tourists in Thailand have been warned about a restaurant dish that could be fatal

A Japanese restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand offers tourists a “tickle” and taste of a dish that can be fatal. This is not about puffer fish, but about a raw meat dish called “pork sashimi”, which has recently become a trend in Thailand, Thai media explained. However, in connection with the tragic incidents, the Thai Ministry of Health appealed to the guests of the country and the locals with an urgent request not to try this dangerous food.

Raw pork can contain harmful pathogens that are almost guaranteed to cause fever, headache, nausea and vomiting, skin rashes, diarrhea and parasitic infection, Health Department Director General and Dr. Suwannachai Wattanaicharaenchai said in local newspapers. In serious cases, the bacteria in raw pork can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss, brain infection, pericarditis and severe sepsis, all of which are often fatal, the expert warned.

Photo of a variety of “pork sashimi” at a Japanese restaurant in Bangkok went viral on Thai social media last week. The menu contains various dishes prepared with raw pork offal such as raw pork tongue, heart, diaphragm, liver and stomach.

As the doctor explained, pork should not be eaten raw, it must be cooked at least at a temperature of 70 ° C or more for more than 5 minutes in order for the meat to become safe for human consumption. In addition, the doctor also recommended washing hands before and after contact with any type of raw meat.

In 2015, Japan introduced a law banning restaurants from serving raw pork sashimi because this dish caused many cases of food poisoning, hepatitis E and parasitic infections. In Japan, serving raw or undercooked pork is punishable by up to 2 years in prison and fines equivalent to one million rubles. However, in Thailand such a law does not yet exist, although raw meat has been eaten in the “land of smiles” for several centuries. Tourists have caught the trend and are now eager to try the exotic raw pork. The Department of Health advises avoiding such foods at all costs.

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