Tourists revealed signs that the hotel room is teeming with bedbugs

Tourists have been exposed to signs that a hotel room is infested with bedbugs

Unfortunately, not all hotel rooms meet the standards expected by Russian tourists. Therefore, there is always a risk that vacationers can share a bed in a hotel with unwanted guests. Social media experts have uncovered signs of how to spot bed bugs in a hotel room bed.

The general advice is this: “If you suspect that your holiday bed may have unwanted guests, there are a few things you can look at to be sure of the situation before discussing it with the hotel manager. It's important to spot the signs as early as possible so it doesn't ruin your vacation and ultimately affect your health. If you find signs of bed bugs when you arrive at your hotel or apartment, it is best to notify the appropriate staff immediately. We would advise anyone who is really worried about bed bugs to pack a small bug spray in their suitcase.”

Dark orange-colored bugs, the size of an apple seed, hide under mattresses and baseboards, in bed frames and electrical switches during the day. They crawl out at night, while a person is sleeping, to drink his blood. They are attracted to the heat of the human body and carbon dioxide emissions.

One of the first signs that an unwanted guest may be in a hotel bed is blood stains on the bedding. “Unfortunately, this is as terrible as it sounds. When bed bugs are crushed, they release a lot of blood, especially around the seams of mattresses where they usually hide. Over time, these spots take on a rusty hue.

Finding eggs is a sure sign of insect infestation, but they are always in sight. “Eggs are tiny and can be found in many places, not just on the mattress. They are about 1 mm wide and are often pale yellow in color. If you find at least one of the eggs, this may mean that the bugs are still alive, and this should be reported to the staff immediately, ”the experts noted.

A characteristic sign of the presence of bedbugs in the room is a musty smell. Hotels often “sin” with strange smells, but the smell emitted by bed bugs is definitely different from everyone else. “If the bedroom has a strong, rusty, and foul odor, it could be from the bed bug's scent glands, and it's most noticeable when there are a lot of bed bugs. Always be careful when dealing with a smelly room and check for other signs.” experts warned.

Another symptom, although found only in the most obvious “bugs” – dark spots on the walls. If you notice any dark spots, do not touch them as they will it could be bed bug excrement, experts warned.

Skin membranes are another sign that a room is infested with bed bugs. Like many other creatures, bloodsuckers shed their skin as soon as they begin to grow. When trying to identify its shell, you should look for small, husk-like spots that can crackle when pressed.

Bed bugs tend to hang around old furniture and like to lay their eggs there. Although there are exceptions. Old fabrics that may not have been thoroughly cleaned can hide the bed bug family. If the place where the tourist is staying is very old or decorated in an antique style, it is always best to double-check the fabric and furniture before moving in and unpacking. From a distance, they will look like clusters of small white spots.

Biteing and scratching is a classic manifestation of bed bugs. If a hiker didn't notice any of these signs but woke up with small red itchy patches on their skin, experts say, it could be related to creepy critters. Wounds from bedbug bites are red, the skin swells in the affected areas – swelling with swelling of about 2–5 mm, as a rule, are located in “paths”. The bites are accompanied by itching.

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