Tourists should beware: WHO warned of the spread of an old deadly infection, from which many died in Russia and Ukraine

Tourists should beware: WHO has warned of the spread of an old deadly infection, from which many died in Russia and Ukraine

Tourists from “civilized countries” were urged to beware – there is an alarming trend in the spread of the “old deadly infection” in the world, which can actively spread in Europe. We are talking about tuberculosis, the incidence rate of which for the first time went on the rise. This statement was made by WHO. At the same time, as British sources of the association assure, the most critical situation with fatal outcomes was recorded in Russia and Ukraine.

The World Health Organization provided the following data to tourists. In 2021, around 10.5 million people will fall ill with TB worldwide. Moreover, there were 1.6 million deaths. “In the same year, 204 million tested positive for covid, of which 3.5 million died. In 2022, the number of cases rose to 445 million, but the number of deaths fell to 1.2 million. To date, there have been 34 million cases and a total of 222,000 deaths in 2023,” the association said, and further concluded that as tuberculosis rates remain stable, it is expected to overtake the virus as the world’s deadliest.< /p>

Every day, 4,109 people die from tuberculosis, compared with 1,216 from coronavirus, experts from the association say. At the same time, since 2021, an increase in the incidence of the “old deadly infection” and its deaths has been recorded – for example, 27,300 people died from tuberculosis in 2021 compared to 27,000 in 2020.

“Tuberculosis is inevitable again will become the world's deadliest infectious disease,” Professor Wilkinson of the Francis Crick Institute in London said in a statement. They also fear that the disease will be introduced into areas that were usually considered unaffected by tuberculosis – among which British scientists expectedly name the UK. Moreover, as they assure, Russia and Ukraine are considered the most affected countries, where about 4900 and 3600 people died from tuberculosis, respectively.

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