Tourists smeared with sunscreen and burned to blisters

Tourists covered in sunscreen and blistered

Tourists got badly sunburned while on holiday in Thailand despite wearing sunscreen. As it turned out, their tool turned out to be a fake. An angry couple of travelers showed off their skin blisters and warned others to be careful when buying sunscreen.

The story of tourists on Tiktok began with an intriguing moment. “My boyfriend and I were having a great time until we bought fake sunscreen,” the hikers wrote. Then the girl showed photos in which the two of them pose on vacation on surfboards and on the beach.

However, after she showed frightening photographs of any tourist: the couple posed in their rooms, where it was clearly visible that they were burned from head to toe. They explained that, although they put on sunscreen, in just two hours of exposure to the sun, they received such a deplorable result. “Imagine that you are applying fake sunscreen to a child or a child,” the traveler signed the video.

The girl said that she did not regret the sunscreen and smeared herself and the young man, but no matter how it happened: the skin red, and there were blisters on her shoulders. It turned out that a week later the guys ran out of the cream they took with them on vacation and they decided to buy the Thai version.

“We used SPF 50 for 7 days and didn't get burned. This is not my first trip and use of the cream. It was definitely a fake, otherwise why were we burned?!” – the girl was indignant at the comments of skeptics.

How to apply the cream?

Skin cancer oncologist Marco Lins told the British media: “The correct amount to use sunscreen is one teaspoon for the entire face and neck. The cream should be applied every two hours if you are in the sun. I always recommend broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 as it provides high protection against both UVA and UVB radiation. If there is excessive sweating or we have been swimming, we should reapply sunscreen 40 or 80 minutes after swimming, depending on whether the sunscreen is waterproof or very waterproof.

According to a 2018 study by scientists at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda in the US, people with pale skin who are sensitive to the sun should use multiple sunscreens to avoid sunburn. Those who only used sunscreen were more likely to get sunburned compared to those who, in addition to sunscreen, also wore a hat, protective clothing, or sat in the shade.

For those who care about a healthy lifestyle, we recommend reading: “Scientists have named a factor that leads to serious conditions during old age.”

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