Tourists were reminded of the rules of conduct at the world's largest nudist resort with hotels and restaurants

Tourists were reminded of the rules of conduct at the world's largest nudist resort with hotels and restaurants

Spanish city of Vera in the province of Almeria, is one of the few places where tourists without complexes can be completely naked, since most of the beach is given over to a large nudist hotel. But with the beginning of the peak tourist season, lovers of unity with nature were reminded of the rules of conduct so that it does not go too far beyond.

Popular since 1979, the two-kilometer nudist beach of Vera Playa has remained so since then. While elsewhere in Spain many beaches have a “no swimwear day” in mid-July, the large beach in Vera allows you to swim, sunbathe, go to beach bars and restaurants naked 365 days a year. However, there is also a limit: tourists must put on clothes by 20:00.

Vera Playa Club is the first naturist hotel in Spain with a pool. Suitable for those who do not want to go to the beach without a swimsuit. But it is worth considering that the hotel policy states the following: “Guests must be naked in the pool at all times.”

However, the policy also states that being naked is optional in other hotel areas. But being naked in the hotel restaurant is forbidden, as is taking photos or filming videos.

Some supermarkets and shops even welcome nudists in Vera along with other apartments and campsites and streets in the area. Even though public exposure on a beach in Spain is legal, nudist tourists are advised to make sure they are heading to the correct part of the beach. By the way, it is divided into northern and southern parts, the latter is focused on dressed vacationers. In terms of safety, it is claimed that the local police often patrol the area.

The largest nudist beach holds the world record. So, in 2013, the largest collective nudist swim took place here with the participation of 729 naked swimmers. Then the action was supported by local authorities. The deputy mayor of the municipality of Juan de la Cruz Belmonte suggested that “an error occurred during the passage of the law” and the town of Vera was on the list by accident. “I have ordered that exceptions be made for those Vera beaches that are considered nudist, including streets and residential complexes where people go naked,” he said.

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