Tourists were told how to protect themselves from theft in a hotel room

Tourists have been told how to protect themselves from theft in a hotel room

Hotel rooms should be a safe place for tourists, but, unfortunately, they can become a target for robbers. Here's a flight attendant who regularly shares travel tips in her TikTok videos on how to effectively secure yourself and keep thieves out.

Many vacationers, coming to rest, do not think about the possibility of robbery in a hotel room. But in vain. A recent study found that 38 percent of thefts take place there. The travel expert, who has previously warned travelers not to eat anything on the plane before taking vital precautions (details here), showed potential tourists her one-minute safety strategy.

First, she inspects the room to make sure that there are no uninvited guests in it. “After I open my door, I prop it up to see if anyone is inside. I check the closet, the shower and the places behind the curtains. I check if the phone is working. After everything clears up, I close the door and make sure the peephole is closed,” the flight attendant said.

The author later clarified that some hotel room peepholes do not have covers, but there is a way to fix this: If not lids, just take some cloth and shove it in there so no one can see into your room.”

Next, the girl hangs a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the doorknob outside and leaves her suitcase to support the door. According to her, in this way, fraudsters will not be able to slip cameras or other devices under the door to help them reconnoiter the situation inside the rooms before they enter.

When you are away from the room, there is also a way to secure your belongings: “When I I leave my room, I leave the TV on and turn up the volume. Not too loud to disturb the neighbors, just at a normal volume – like I would watch TV myself if I stayed there.

In addition, the blogger warned about the importance of privacy. “When you check into a hotel, make sure the front desk clerk doesn’t tell you your room number and you don’t do the same,” she added.

The flight attendant also gave advice on escape routes in case of an emergency: “Make sure you know where the fire exits are. And always be aware of the situation when you go to your room. If your intuition tells you that something is wrong, follow it.”

Victoria Lee, a flight attendant from California, revealed another life hack for hotel room safety. It's about how to create blackout blinds in any room. This is relevant, since there are cases when staff or ordinary onlookers gather on the street to peep at tourists who are not always dressed in the windows. To do this, the girl uses a hanger that fixes the curtains and does not allow them to open.

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