Tourists were told what to say when checking into a hotel in order to get a suite

Tourists were told what to say when checking into a hotel in order to get a suite

Any tourist can apply for move into a suite or larger room at no extra charge, money-saving expert Ellie Austin-Williams told To do this, you need to formulate the right requests at the front desk. Hotel administrators often have the opportunity to upgrade the room category for free, if any are freely available.

“Please, can I have a room on the top floor?”

“Ask for a top floor at the hotel. Suites and other premium rooms are usually located on the top floors of the hotel, so request a room there. Even if you don't get into the presidential suite, you will be farther away from street noise,” the specialist explained.

“Please, can I have a corner room?”

“Ask for a corner room at the hotel,” Austin-Williams advised. – Always take a corner room if it is free. Due to the structural layout of the building, these rooms tend to have the highest floor area and windows, and also offer the lowest noise levels.”

Traveling with your pet

Another interesting tip is to take your pet. “Travel with man's best friend. Sometimes pet-friendly hotels allocate the largest rooms to those traveling with pets because, let's face it, their comfort is more important than yours,” she added. However, the disadvantage of this, of course, is that the tourist will have to share a room with his pet and be responsible for his food and walks. This can be more of a hassle than it looks.

What other advice did the expert give?

“According to, Sunday nights tend to be the cheapest to stay in a city hotel. Most travelers have left the city and it's the Monday morning bustle of business… so hotel rooms can often be discounted,” the expert said.

In addition, she highlighted the cheapest months to travel. This is December and January. “The first two weeks of January are usually the quietest travel weeks and the perfect time to close the deal,” she added. However, this practically does not apply to Russian tourists, since the first ten days of January in Russia is a long New Year vacation, which tourists use to go on a trip.

Other tips to get a hotel upgrade include:

  1. Sign up for a hotel loyalty plan. Hotels love to reward their customers. If you enjoy staying at one or two hotel chains often, signing up as a member will likely pay off, the expert explained.
  2. Register later than standard time. The staff will have a better idea of ​​what rooms will be available. They are unlikely to upgrade early in the morning when a customer may show up ready to pay for a larger room. there is a risk that “competitor tourists” are already ahead of you and there are no higher-level rooms left. Inform that the trip is for a special occasion
  3. If tourists are celebrating something, the hotel staff should know about it. The bare minimum you can get for free is a bottle of champagne.
  4. Stay in a new hotel. New hotels are likely to have fewer guests, which means more chances to have free space. Administrators will strive to impress the client and offer their best properties in the hope of a good review.
  5. Be polite. No matter what the traveler says, it's important to be polite to staff. Kindness towards hotel staff can be rewarded, expert says.

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